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    Ciprian Hirlea

    I arrived very early for the flight and went to the separate check-in for Business Class (shared with Virgin). There was a small queue and I was quickly served. I was given a boarding pass with the gate and told I could use either the Virgin or Delta Lounge. I opted for the Delta Lounge as it was right by my gate.

    The Delta lounge was modern and very comfortable. There were two things that let it down though. The first was a poor selection of reading material and the second a poor choice of food. I was expecting something hot to eat (as I got on the way over with Virgin) but the only hot choice was soup. Apart from that it was crudites and dip, nuts, crisps, fruit and a salad (with apart from the lettuce a strange selection of 3 items – olives, spicy sweetcorn and marinated mushrooms!) Hot food was available to order (as was premium booze brands) but this was chargeable. My advice choose Virgin if you can. Sadly the Virgin lounge is at the other end of the terminal so no really an option.

    The flight did leave on time and boarding was efficient (apart from a last minute gate change) which caught me out.

    Service on board was surprisingly good. I skipped the food and opted to sleep under my Westin Heavenly Duvet. I slept quite well. Whilst the seat is an older one than the picture shown it was still pretty flat with plenty of room.

    Review courtesy of Original review by user 103 can be found here



    Nice to see the Westin bedding brand on Delta..

    I just love their beds, a great nights sleep..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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