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    Read it randomly at,

    Quiet frankly, it seems like CX is one of the “deserted” member of Oneworld. it is obvious that BA and QF don’t really cooperate well with CX, for instance, QF chose to cooperate with MH for flight to AMS and CDG, despite of CX has been in the same group for the past decade.

    Any thought?



    I’m sure SIA would have something to say about this, and may block their entry.



    Would be huge blow to Oneworld but hard to see either Singapore or Thai wanting another South East Asian carrier in their alliance. Having said that Singapore’s cooperation with its Star partners is a limited as Cathay’s cooperation with its Oneworld partners.

    Having said that I find it hard to understand the logic in Air China and Cathay being in two separate alliances. Surely we will see widened commercial cooperation in the future, given their current ownership set-up. This could easily be an important factor behind any alliance shake-up.



    If true and I am not convinced it is, then this would be a major blow to BA in particular, They would lose all of the code share routes ex HKG leaving a huge hole in their network.

    It could be argued that the advent of MH would take up a lot of the slack but BA does not fly to KL and whilst MH is a quality airline, they really are not in the same league as CX.

    It would leave BA with just 3 points in Asia HKG, BKK, and SIN and their passengers with no alliance connections from any of them.

    Of course, depending on the size and location of the new Qantas inspired carrier then it may not be a problem at all!



    …I think that it will take a few years for this Qantas inspired carrier to grow to the size of Cathay and Dragonair regardless of where it is based! I read somewhere that this new QF offshoot has been allocated 11 aircraft to begin with.

    Have also read previously that Jetstar is rumoured to be looking at Oneworld membership. This would be a nice addition to Oneworld given their growing international and intra-Asian network. Definitely not the same level of service as the legacy Asian carriers but its network would improve OW’s proposition in South East Asia.



    British Airways also fly to Narita, Haneda, Beijing and Shanghai.

    The apparent likelihood is that, once 787 deliveries begin, the number of Asian destinations served directly from Heathrow will increase, quite apart from any new routes which might emanate from Gatwick as 777 availability improves.



    Agree with CC, the change of scedule on the Kangaroo route from BA/QF releases many aircraft, We should not forget the LGW .

    WW recently stated that BA will focus to the Asia market exLON.



    I think it is unwise for the Oneworld group to let Cathay to exit.

    Hong Kong IS dead in the centre of Asia georgraphically (5-6 hours either way you have the whole of Asia) Singapore and KL as are more for SE Asia and the Australian/NZ route.

    The powerhouse (wealth and political influences) remains in EAST Asia.

    Oneworld needs Cathay more than the other way round. It is the ONLY profitable and healthy carrier in this group, just like SQ in the STAR group.

    It would be interesting to see how this develops. I myself prefer CX to stay in the OW group just for the balance of power between the other alliance groups.



    The dead centre of Asia is somewhere around DEL, at least on an east to west basis. HKG is in the east.



    Dead center is Kyzyl in Tuva Republic.

    Doesn’t make much sense when I look at it on Google maps 😀



    It actually makes perfect sense, if you include the far north of Russia.



    My mistake… when I Googled it, automatically picked the Kyzyl, Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

    That’s why..



    If this is true, it fits rather well with the current public position of QF in south east Asia and it may mean that HKG is the planned base of operations. I can’t see SQ objecting, they are far enough apart and have some quite distinct markets.

    If CX are to join Star, they do however need to cooperate unlike SQ, one badly behaving child even in an alliance the size of Star is enough.



    Balancing a cut-out of Asia on a pin head will give you the geographic centre. Working out the centre of population is a different matter.

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