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    There have been several threads recently which have started along the lines of “I’m in the lounge thinking about….” and wondering what other posters thought about the same subject. Now I’m doing the same, flight delayed, I’ve eaten now bored.
    So, what makes you most cross these days, especially when travelling? The recent post telling of the Travel Tip for WT+ pax to raid the Club Kitchen made me mentally angry and I wanted to be there telling them to naff off. Then the thought of the crew member like a wet rag saying “We can’t do anything about it”, – needs a good slap.
    Maybe we shouldn’t judge everyone by our own standards but I tend to do so. Tell the thieving buggers to get back to their seats. And then there’s the queue jumpers, my luggage tends to get in their way as a point of honour.
    It tends to be the small things that get my goat most of all. My flight is late, I’m not ranting about it because there’s nothing it will achieve. Giving a selfish or rude thoughtless individual some advice used to be something I shied away from, my age it seems has given me confidence in that direction, or maybe I’m just getting more Meldrew like. Are you a look the other way or a jump in feet first type?


    Lloydah – LOL! It was moi who wrote that and I always try to be relatively polite when I write stuff but you made me crack up as that’s more along the lines of what I was thinking! 😉 And I probably shouldn’t have repeated it as it may give others the wrong idea – not that I would expect any of our fellow BT forumites to be tea leafs!

    I think with age I do try to bite my tongue a bit before spouting forth – but sometimes I just can’t help myself and someone will have the pleasure of Mrs P’s tongue lashing – usually the long suffering DH, bless him! LOL!

    Mind you he’s not slow at having a go. We were at an hotel in Africa somewhere and were waiting for the charming breakfast chef to cook our eggs when this boorish big fat bloke came barrelling up and demanded “Eggs!”. The Chef looked scared, however, my wonderful DH just turned to this idiot and said, “I think what you meant to say was, may I have some eggs please Chef and I’m sure the Chef would then have asked you how would you like them cooked?” The idiot looked at the DH, was about to mouth off, then saw MY face and decided against it, then walked off. The chef smiled at my DH, as we all burst out laughing and he thanked my DH as so many people just feel they can be so rude to serving staff and get away with it especially when they know full well that that person cannot respond. Now that makes me very cross!

    Where are you off to? BA or other? NF or OF???? 😉 🙂 !!!


    I can imagine the DH being a bit long suffering:) I feel the same when my wife stands up for her rights, or mine sometimes.
    I have the naive notion that in public the public ought to behave, be it the terminal or the tin tube, especially the tin tube. You’re thrown together in a limited space and can’t get out. I have to catch trains from Cambridge to London and it’s the same there. Biggest gripe is you buy a first class ticket and can’t always even get a seat. Who’s doing the logistics there, seems they just take your money, smile and do sod all about it.

    Me, no means so glam as OF or NF, today it’s Easy, but only an hour late as it happens.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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