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    Sunday I was doing my ex EU run. LHR-AMS-LHR-HKG. All the times I have done this I have been able to check-in for all 3 flights get my boarding passes and just have my luggage put on the HKG flight, not the AMS ones. This time was an issue. Whilst they could check me into LHR-AMS and LHR-HKG, they could not check me into the AMS-LHR flight, despite it being on the same booking as the HKG one. They could see me on the flight but the system would not let them check me in. 3 staff later the only reason they could give was that BA were upgrading their system and that all non LHR units were being done first, with the biggest home-base LHR being last. The only workaround was for me to get out my phone, check in on line then they could print my boarding pass AMS to LHR. It wasn’t a big issue but just wondered if anyone else experienced this before.
    I explained this to a friend of mine who works at scheduling at CX, they said that would happen if 2 systems were in use, but could not understand why BA choose to do the home base last, which was the same thing the BA check in staff said. I guess its British procrastination at its best, if a job is hard…leave it until last. Much like a 3rd runway, but that’s a different thread



    In view of that Steve, and being checked in with your bags LHR – HKG, couldn’t you have just waited in the lounge for the HKG flight and not done the AMS leg?



    the thought did cross my mind, except that knowing BA they may have off loaded me as i did not start at the origin



    Steve, what would have happened had you checked in for all 3 flights online and then tried to check your bag to HKG from LHR?



    Always do all checkins for an ex-Europe on line, to avoid the situation.

    Last week when completing a ticket, I asked an agent in T5 to print my final – AMS – LCY ticket. The couldn’t as the system no longer allows (or currently does not allow) a boarding pass from another airport outside the UK to be printed.

    At the time of departure from BKk it was too early to check in for the final sector, but the agent suggested I checked in on the BA app which I did whilst standing next to her…



    Looks like Martyn has answered your question Tom. Actually in all the years I have been flying this is only the second time i have checked in on line, I am old fashioned that way 🙂 first time was for a flight out of Dehli where I knew before that they would not let you in the airport without a boarding pass if the check in desks were not yet open. I learned that lesson from a previous time when I had to sit on the kerb half way through the night!

    Martyn, they must have just changed it as 2 weeks ago i checked in and got my passes all the way through for PEK-LHR-AMS-LHR but at the same time they only booked my bags PEK to LHR as requested (and suggested by them at PEK as i might have missed the AMS connection)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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