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  • kathy lewis

    I wonder how many of us are now bringing our own food when we travel. With many of the cafes and restaurants closed in the airports etc, there are only so many chemist-based sandwiches I’m willing to purchase and consume t(he two often being mutually exclusive). If you take your own snacks or as my husband is now doing making his own, what do you take with you and do you save it for when on board, or eat it before the flight?


    Personally I’m not a fan of BYO food on planes because it opens a pandora’s box of what people may choose to eat. Given the confined space of economy, the idea of food that’s heavy on the nose over a +2 hour flight doesn’t fill me with any joy. Airport terminals are a different story though.

    The above might be a way of the future. See below a recent article on the BT website.

    When airlines return to the air, unbundling may be the answer


    there are only so many chemist-based sandwiches I’m willing to purchase and consume

    Actually, whenever I’n flying Ryanscare or Sqeezyjet to the Med and time of the day dependant I’ll nip into Superdrug at EDI and purchase a New Yorker Pastrami Meal Deal
    Very tasty and well worth dragging yourself away from the bar . And much better than anything you’ll buy on board, and appears to be fresher too

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    When I read about “unbundling” it is usually code for flight prices remain the same but the airline cuts costs. BA is a master in bizarre comments like “customers tell us they value the opportunity to bring their own food on board”.

    Normally I just take a couple of snack bars or similar for short haul. On mid haul (6 or 7 hours) I find a bite to eat in the lounge or terminal is always preferable to the stodgy carb-fest that normally passes as food on board.


    For short-haul, within Europe, I usually don’t bother. For longer-haul, if its for work, then I am usually in business so not an issue (so far). The one situation which falls between the two is London to Canaries (4.5 hours), where it could be BA or Iberia or it could be Easyjet (or worse). In which case, given it is usually the start of our holiday, I invest in some decent nibbles – selection of cold cuts, cheese, bread rolls, biscuits, olives etc. and then just buy some wine to go with it. We get a few funny looks but its a nice way to begin the vacation.


    For night flights (long haul) will always pick up a salad from Pret or similar on the way to the gate at Heathrow. In HKG, if I ask very nicely, always get a salad to go from the Pier restaurant.

    I can remember only a few years back when the club pantry had decent snacks which could be taken in lieu of a full meal…

    I find BA food in club has improved but the choices for me are limited…


    Being Mr fussy eater, I always travel with a Subway ham and turkey sandwich, even when travelling in F. I do, however, agree that a home made curry might not be appropriate as a BYO solution!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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