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  • DanielRawson


    I’ve broken my golden rule and booked a holiday direct with British Airways on their website as I got excited at Xmas.

    I should have used my travel agent and let my problem become their problem, but it is what it is.

    Anyway, I may need to make a change and need to speak to a human. Their phone line says they are too busy to take calls. Webchat has no human and Twitter doesn’t answer!!

    It’s quite unbelievable. I’ve no BA status. Anyone been in a similar position and found their way around this?

    I can’t believe how ignorant they are!!! I’m half wondering if I can do a charge back on my Amex.




    I find BA Holidays an excellent way to book. Yes, they are very busy but what do you expect just now.

    Get up a little earlier, give them a call, wait in the queue and you will get through. When you do, they are very helpful and do everything that they can to help.

    I’ve got 3 booked/rebooked/changed holidays which are in the pipeline – it is what it is just now.

    Could be worse try Expedia or some of the other online agents – you have little or nada chance of success

    Good luck


    Hi Stormin,

    I think you must have been very lucky! I tried bang on 8am today and have tried over the last few days at other times. I would be delighted just to be in a queue but it’s worse than that! They just say to ring back another time and the line goes dead!


    I think given the current travel situation , you can cut them some slack for sure! when the lines are full they are full, only so many people can Q at once, the same with any phone system. it should be quieter once the current sale ends, but none the less a little more patience and you can speak to very nice agents, I have always had nothing but excellent service. it saddens me that people are so demanding because things don’t go they’re way all the time…diva world we live in…sad but true…and breath


    The normal BA numbers have been slow to answer (if at all) including the Gold line. Not sure why BA 2 years into this can’t get staffing right (or reliable IT systems!)

    BA Holidays can be cheap (as they often sell the flights at considerably below normal cost – as they can do when they are the operating airline). But they often fall short on service and have heard horror stories a number of times (and not just BA Holidays – but a number of OTA’s).

    The margin these guys operate on is miniscule – so nothing there to help when things go wrong or a more human service is required.

    Ultimately people get what they pay for – when it works then great – but you just have to hope you don’t need any manual intervention on most of these providers – that is what they hope as well!


    Yes You have to travel with wonder so you can get enjoy your trip and other should forget it

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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