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  • JDTraveller

    The CX lounge in T3 is by far the best lounge, the staff are always on point and find the food excellent.

    The QF lounge is good, especially the bars, but just don’t find it comfortable enough or the food that great, though anything is better than the BA lounge.

    I don’t know why BA insist on keeping it when there are 3 other OW lounges in the terminal of superior quality.

    Even the check in staff recommend QF and CX rather than their own product.

    Be even more interesting when the eagerly anticipated Centurion lounge opens!


    Slightly repulsed by this review referencing your experience to something akin the the third world!

    Highly insulting to people in genuine poverty to suggest that because the lounge staff didn’t clear away your empty packet of Kettle Crisps, coffee or bottle of Highland Spring mineral water that you’ve in some way found yourself in an equally desperate situation as those legitimately living in third world conditions. At the very most this was a slip in service standards in what otherwise should be a superior experience.

    As for the Rentokill trap, such traps and devices are in fact part of a range of effective pest control measures deployed in the food and beverage industry. Indeed in should have been out of sight but beyond that, it’s absolutely necessary and good practice to have such devices around such premises.

    Technology fails and it’s a shame your wife’s seat entertainment didn’t work, was their no alternative seat to move to?

    Ultimately, if any technology were to fail onboard, I’d rather it be that than something integral to keeping the aircraft in the sky.

    Someone in genuine third world conditions would bend over backward to swap their life for the very experience described above.

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    Tom Otley

    Welcome to the forum ScotC353.

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    @ ScottC353 – I’m assuming that the username ‘snowflake’ was already taken. I’m pretty sure that the phrase ‘3rd world facilities’ used by the OP was never intended to literally compare those living in genuine poverty in the developing world. I assume you’d also take offence if I found that the lounge had no heating and said something like “This place would be too cold for an Eskimo!”? I deliberately used this example to reinforce the snowflake theme.

    I’m sure you look forward to trawling through other forum posts, desperately looking to take offence at some innocent remark. You’ll no doubt find plenty, as much of what is discussed here could be deemed ‘First-World Problems’ – I just googled that phrase and apparently that’s now also offensive.

    Also before you take me to task for using the term ‘Eskimo’, I googled that, expecting to be told to use ‘Inuit’, but read: They do not commonly use the term Inuit. In Alaska, Eskimo is in common usage. Alaskans also use the term Alaska Native, which is inclusive of all Eskimo, Aleut and other Native American people of Alaska. It does not apply to Inuit or Yupik people originating outside the state.


    @ ScottC353 – I’m assuming that the username ‘snowflake’ was already taken.

    I had wrongly assumed the forum had moved on from the days such courtesy was the norm. @ScottC353 is as entitled to be ‘slightly repulsed’ by the expression as the OP is in using it. But please let’s not get personal. Why I have gone against my self imposed silence this time is the highly discourteous manner in which a new poster has been welcomed to the forum. I believe there is a specific thread for personalised arguments which regulars have used in the past, use it as often as you want but please spare newcomers.

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    Graeme Bell

    How I wish another UK based airline would fly direct to Cape Town.

    Try Virgin Atlantic. They fly LHR-CPT. In my opinion they knock the spots off both British and South African (both of which also do the same direct route).


    VS used to fly overnight out, day flight back. However, I believe they last flew non stop to CPT in 2015. They only offer a connection via JNB these days.

    Graeme Bell

    You are correct. My error.


    SAA dropped the route about 10 years ago. They were the least bad, although I stopped flying on them as I didn’t feel like supporting the ANC.

    I was never a great fan of VS after a series of flights with them, so I started using KL and LH/LX/Edelweiss. Going next week on OS.

    From London, Thomas Cook operate a summer (northern hemisphere) service from LGW, which I’m told is quite good, as do BA but their 777s are very densely configured and not comfortable from what I’m told, at least in Y.

    Year round, the choices are BA, BA, or BA, which is why they don’t care.


    Charles, like you, my wife and I enjoy the delights of First Class as part of a holiday, but you didn’t miss much in T5. With an early afternoon flight to Toronto we looked forward so much to a couple of hours in the Concord Room but it was so disappointing. To list just 2 events, my wife asked for a coffee and chocolate cake at 11.30 to which the reply was “Sorry but we don’t serve cakes until 12”. When I went to the bar, excited to learn what red wines were on offer I was told “France and Argentina” (with a smile and a left/right nod of the head)

    The staff there have no conception whatsoever as to what First passengers expect, they will never understand our needs, and probably have no idea as to how much we pay for what is (in our case) a little luxury.

    BA is getting worse and worse and worse in every aspect of customer appreciation and customer service.


    Remember that it was BA in their CCR who invented a description, “white”, for champagne.

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    I gave up flying with BA years ago.The poor onboard service and attitude of the cabin crew was enough.

    Add the nightmare of LHR .

    I had to be rerouted on my last flight with QR and was given the choice of MAN or LHR,i chose MAN and was not impressed.


    Sitting now in Cathay First class lounge at T3: It is quite nice actually. Food was good (not exceptional, but good). Seats facing the window are great. Only problem: It is packed. Actually I was not even asked for my Gold card at the entrance (I know it is on the boarding card): it seems natural to be here when flying BA…

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    With the wealth of new decent oneworld lounges at T3, no wonder BA don’t bother spending a penny on their own product there. They can just pay CX and QF the visit charge which is possibly cheaper than the cost and inconvenience of refurbishing the existing lounges.

    In any case, from memory, they’re not losing any customers on the sectors CX and QF fly ex LHR because BA operate services to HKG and SYD / SIN via T5 and their ‘flagship’ T5 lounges. So, for example, an F passenger to those cities on BA will get the full Concorde Room experience.

    Is it a race to the botttom for BA in respect of their T3 lounges? Probably.

    Do they care? Probably not.

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