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    What’s going on at BHX? I know its having works done departure wise but yesterday I flew in from DOH and the immigration lines stretched all the way to the gate. Took me an hour to get through. From what I could see there were 2 flights in, QR and EK. Staff had the non-EU etc lane closed off until people got down the stairs. I timed the EK crew who got escorted past and it took them 20 mins to get through. Of course only half the e-gates were working and there was a line of about 50 people whose passports would not work, noticeable new blue ones. To top that off the carousel were so choked I still had to wait for my bags as staff were not off-loading packed carousel. I started to do it myself! if only i had a pound for every “welcome back to Britain” grumble
    To top it off as I pulled out the car park I had a flat tyre. Only place to stop and swop before hitting the A 45 was no parking and camera controlled. Sure enough security came along with the ANPR cameras and he was not having a bean of it. Despite me having a wheel off changing the wheel in the pouring rain! said I will have to appeal if they choose to fine.

    I used to like BHX, not anymore. But other than that, 2 great flights on QR HKG-DOH-BHX

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    Welcome home indeed Steve 🙂

    What I find most concerning is how security had absolutely no concern for your wheel off situation & prioritised a potential ticket / fine over asking you if you needed help. When something similar happened to me in Florida the police could not have been more helpful …

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    That’s what happens when such matters are subject to revenue raising subcontractors. i was actually off the main road and at the entrance to staff car park causing no obstruction. Welcome to modern Britain!


    I had a similar experience at BHX a couple of weeks ago at approx 17.30, the Q started before I got to the stairs down to the Border Control hall. An EK flight had just arrived which seemed to be main cause of the problem.

    Most of the e-gates were working but a significant number of people (Q of at least 20 pax) were being redirected to a desk due to being rejected at the e-gates. Whilst waiting to use the e-gates myself I did see several people who didn’t seem to have a clue how to use the scanners, one person in particular just sort of waved their passport in the direction of the scanner, then turned around looking for assistance, they were told to join the Q for the desks.

    I had no checked bags to collect but baggage reclaim area was quite congested, there seemed more evidence of Customs staff in attendance on the exit, two groups were having their luggage examined when I walked through.

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