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    Just a small warning for people who need the jacket they are wearing upon boarding back without it being entirely destroyed:

    I have been traveling the last 5 weeks from Asia to Europe on Swiss/Lufthansa for 1 day each week (Business Class if I may add – the customer is paying).
    Considering the short time-frame I keep my suit-jacket on board and keep my suit-pants in carry-on (to avoid any check-in luggage). Even on the short connecting flights in Europe the cabin crew takes the jacket to hang them in this jacket-cabin.
    Especially in the smaller planes this jacket-cabin is closed with metal shutters. If your jacket doesnt hang properly this shutter can cut the entire jacket sleeve.

    If you notify the ground staff they send you to the cabin staff, the cabin staff send you to the customer service counter, the customer service counter to the lost and found counter, the lost and found counter requests you to call the hotline, the hotline asks you to fill out an online, an online form is not really answered.
    Long story short… nobody cares – despite that you have a meeting on the same day without a jacket.

    With a single flight costing around 7000 USD – the 5 flights were around 35.000 USD (in almost 1 month) – I would have expected somebody to come up with a solution somehow.

    Conclusion: If you need your jacket – dont give it to the Swiss cabin crew, especially on smaller planes. If you have to, fully check it upon return and swap it with the pilots jacket if its broken again.


    I’ve flown probably a few hundred times with Swiss and never had a ripped jacket. Annoying I agree but best to go to the cleaners who can usually effect an immediate repair.

    I’d be inclined to hand the matter to my insurer and let them sort it out. Otherwise, call the Frequent Traveller or Senator line and outlay your problem to them. They may be able to help,or at least point you in the right direction.


    Never heard of that before. I did have a jacket returned recently on a Lufthansa flight that smelt of cigarette smoke, it had been stored next to a coat of a heavy smoker. Really unpleasant as I was going straight to a meeting so drove in the taxi with the window open and jacket hanging out to ‘air’ it !


    No but lost very expensive prescription Ray Bans on Turkish, top pocket job, my fault although did think they would be safe!


    Do take a look at my other thread on the subject of Turkish Airlines and the ongoing saga that still continues. Nothing about their lack of customer care surprises me anymore.


    Some suggestions:

    (1). Check in a bag.
    (2). Buy a zippable jacket cover – in fact if you use a decent dry-cleaner they will usually give you one
    (3). Learn how to fold a jacket so it doesn’t crease and keep it with you
    (4). If none of these appeal, insist on hanging it yourself and make sure it is on the hinge side of the cupboard
    (5). If you are going to the same destination in Asia each time, ask the hotel to store the suit (and anything else you don’t need inbetweentimes)

    Good luck!

    None of this, of course, implies any fault on your part, and the airline is clearly at fault and you have my sympathy


    On the SWISS AVRO fleet, jackets are stored in a half open compartment next to crew high viz jackets and other items. Its not really designed to store decent suit jackets. I just put it on the free seat next to me.


    Update from Original poster (FR123456)

    I would like to state that after some haggling Swiss Airline has refunded me money for replacing the jacket (even though I could not provide the original receipt).

    I think its fair for me to clarify that after all Swiss Airline stood up for fairness.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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