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    Bangkok airways or any other airlines out of Bombay to Bangkok is a bad sector, i do understand, as there are numerous freakish uncouth passengers getting on board, who are either already half drunk and need / demand more on flight and act and behave like animals many a time, agreed, BUT GENERALIZING the populous with the select few is wrong on the airlines too. Asking for a simple glass of water becomes and ardous task, one would rather get up from his seat, go to the galley to get a glass of water, but the SUPER RUDE attendants on flight will immediately let you know that your seat is back where it belongs, go plunk yourself and soon you shall be served.

    Food is served and thats the only time you will ever get to see your glass of water.

    Overall the service is great, i realized when i took a mid week flight when the rowdy pax were not around like on weekends, and realized that the service was superb.

    Connectivity to east asian countries from bangkok is far better i feel than KL or even Singapore.

    Over all, my trip was pleasant to Cambodia, almost thrice now.

    If only they could upgrade their planes and not make it look like a OVER TRIED LUXURY BUS feel, it would be great.. seems we are about to sit in CATTLE CLASS without personal tv and of course the music system that does not even exist.. horrendous.

    But, if you want the bang for buck and cheap tickets.. one should expect only this and live with it


    Top review PT

    By ‘almost thrice’ do you mean ‘twice’ ??


    Hi alexpo1, i did mean thrice… i did take the trip thrice to PNH from Bombay.

    Thanks for clarification PT 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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