BA251, Monday 4 June

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  • TiredOldHack2

    This is the non-stop flight to Santiago: the first time I’ve used this. In the past, I’ve always gone via Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires.

    Anyway, we were called to the gate and then we were told there was a 20 minute delay to boarding. Not an issue when the flight is that long, so I shrugged. Then came a second announcement that the delay would be longer as they had to do an engine test.

    Given that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (as it was) is having problems with its Rolls Royce engines, so at this point I was certain it wouldn’t fly, I grabbed the phone, and called the BA Executive club.

    “Hello, I’m on your 251 flight and I don’t think it’s going to fly.”

    “Oh, we haven’t got any problems showing here….”

    “Trust me. Can you hold me a seat in Club World for tomorrow’s flight, just in case?”

    ‘Yes, of course, Mr TiredOldHack. If I see the flight has taken off, of course, I’ll assume you’re on it.”

    “Brilliant. Thanks.”

    Half an hour later, they scrubbed the flight, and all hell broke loose as people besieged the gate and/or got on their phones to find (as I could hear) that lines to Customer Services were now all busy and/or all seats on the next flight were taken.

    I smiled quietly, called the Chileans and my hotel to let them know I’d be 24 hours late and went back to my book.

    I spent the night in the Sofitel at Terminal 5, had an excellent breakfast, wandered back into T5 the next morning, checked in and spent the day sipping champagne while working via our VPN.

    Big thanks to the BAEC who reacted very fast and got me on the next flight. Very impressed. Still a bit pissed off with the cancellation, but the BAEC’s actions were enough to make me feel that a full EU claim perhaps wasn’t necessary. I have gently suggested, though, that some Avios might be sufficent recompense.

    Incidentally, that’s a good service. No wonder they’ve added an extra flight now. You take off (well, assuming all is well…) at 2155, and arrive in SCL at about 0730. Time for a decent meal, a film or two and (in my case) nearly eight hours of sleep.

    Impressed with the new CW bedding as well, which is much better than the old thin blanket and tiny pillow.


    Great to read positive feedback TOH2
    Was fully expecting to read on and discover that the BAEC hadn’t reserved your seat on the next day’s flight.
    All too often BA get a bad rap (guilty at times) here, yet balance is always a welcome approach to debate BA and its foibles.


    I recently took this flight for the first time and was also impressed. Times are great and managed a solid 9 hours sleep in CW.

    Also first time in Santiago. Very very cool place!!!


    Also first time in Santiago. Very very cool place!!!

    I love Chile and Santiago. Still here, working. I fly back on Friday 15 on the BA return leg and am looking forward to it. A fair few of the Cjileans I have seen in the last week have also used this new service and speak highly of it.


    I have gently suggested, though, that some Avios might be sufficent recompense.

    Update: I took 60,000 Avios in place of the EUR600 compensation. As I said, I wasn’t severely inconvenienced and I don’t like grabbing compensation for something that doesn’t fully merit it (my two-year battle with Monarch was different, simply because they lied and lied and lied and I got angry).

    It mean rescheduling a lot of my work here, and having one day fewer to do it all, so I’m happy with Avios.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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