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    The crew on BA 107 on Christmas Eve made several announcements that the flight was a code share with AA, Iberia and Ryanair! Thought it was a bit of fun and wanted to congratulate the CSM but in 7 hours, no one came near me and when I went walk about after lights out, couldn’t find them. I think everyone on the upper deck was Gold. Oppertunity lost. On the other hand, our crew member was way above average and I regret not giving him my first Golden Ticket. Ho hum!



    SGJNI1961 – please tell me that you’re a few months ahead and the FR codeshare was an April Fool’s joke!
    Regarding the GT – if you remember the crew member’s name you can still award it online via your BAEC profile.



    Sounds like a smaller airline trying to take advantage of the brand of a larger one.




    I still can’t see how Ryanair connecting to BA / VS would work. The only airport they each operate from is Gatwick, with VS providing a small service from GLA. Even at that, FR’s presence at Gatwick is small, and EI fly there anyway…

    Ryanair have said talks broke up with VS because FR refuse to take any responsibility for late running flights… I wonder if this was another attempt at media coverage?



    Hello SealinkBF – You’ll find much more detail about this in our December feature within the magazine.

    The FR links primarily concern IAG as a whole and not just BA which, as you say, would likely be at LGW.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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