BA first flight to St Helena.

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  • canucklad

    Good point about FR travelworld2 …….
    They’d probably market it as their Las Palmas South base : )

    And yep,nice pics FDOS,although the down side is my bucket list just got longer…. definitely want to visit that lost luggage counter


    Should anyone wonder what’s wrong with this forum, here is a great example.

    BA don’t fly to St Helena and why would they. Comair do and whatever you might want to call them, they are part of BA. If you want to buy a Comair ticket, you have to log onto to the BA site. Instead, as is customary for this BA bashing forum, we have to have a 64 round battle as to what is wrong with BA.

    And you wonder why BT still hasn’t bothered with a proper forum


    NigelKark – 19/04/2016 22:46 BST

    Comair is not part of BA, it is a public company quoted on the Joburg that has two brands in the market.

    – British Airways (franchise)
    – (owned)

    Customers can buy flights for BA branded services either from OR from

    If buying from, the contract is subject to Comair Ltd conditions of carriage and these are show on with Comair Ltd branding.

    Comair is not ‘part of BA’, it runs franchise flights that are clearly marked ‘British Airways Operated by Comair’.

    In summary;

    – Comair is intending to fly to St Helena
    – You do not have to buy tickets for Comair operated flights solely from
    – Comair is not part of BA
    – there is no BA bashing on this thread

    to get back to the OP, it contained this statement:

    “BA operating it’s first flight today to St Helena from JNB”

    BA did not operate this flight, Comair did. When the flight is available for sale it will be ‘BA operated by Comair.’

    Why it takes 33 posts to get to this simple truth, is another question.

    My reply said

    “The title is slightly misleading’

    Should be ‘BA franchise first flight to St Helena’, as it’s Comair from SA.”

    Hardly a controversial statement?

    Your post summaries much of what is wrong on here, incorrect opinion presented as if it were fact, with righteous indignation.

    Have a nice day.


    In all honesty, FDOS, had you simply left matters with your first post all this would have blown over. You are absolutely right. Comair is a wholly separate company which operates as a BA franchisee. So the OP title was, and is, slightly misleading. But that’s all. Is it really worth all this agitation?


    Why should I?

    The OP make a snarky reply saying I was splitting hairs and others decided to have a go, so why ‘let it blow over’?

    By the same token, why aren’t you posting to the OP and saying, your title was slightly misleading, why not let it blow over?

    I’m sure BT appreciate the high post count.


    I am pleased to see this airport now open, I provided some consultancy to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office about ten years ago and I know it’s going to make a big difference to the island.

    From memory I think the current ship time from Cape Town is about five or six days with only one ship used on the route so flying has the potential to open up the island to tourism, in particular bird watching.

    One of biggest issues I identified was the problem of a designated divert airfield and this I assume is still a problem, it will limit the weight of aircraft operating form the island, there is an alternative with Wideawake Airfield on Ascension but the MoD are not keen on having that classified as open to civil traffic.


    I can see the challenge with an alternate, 800 miles to Ascension Island or nearly 1600 to Windhoek.

    Presumably there will be close attention to the weather before despatch and continuous monitoring enroute, so an early turn back decision can be made, if necessary.

    Also, it’s one of those destinations where a divert and onward ground transport isn’t feasible.


    Going back to Comair for a moment, I see BA have an 11.50% shareholding in Comair so they seem committed to the operation. I also saw on another web page but I can’t find it again that the shareholding is up for sale along with a holding in Flybe, but that was as of 2010 so the situation may be different now. The entire market cap is just £70 milllion though in terms of Rand it’s quite large, so in BA terms it’s a very small holding.


    Going back to alternates, I just called a friend of mine who works for Comair on the off chance he’d know. His reply (imagine deep South African voice here). It’ll be a bit of a mission, so we’re just going to pack some extra life rafts”! He elaborated no further. 😉


    LuganoPirate – 20/04/2016 09:28 BST

    I believe that BA (Britair Holdings) made a small disposal in 2015 – about 0.75%, but don’t know if they have sold anymore since then.

    LuganoPirate – 20/04/2016 09:32 BST

    Sounds like sensible contingency planning, fortunately modern aircraft are very reliable, but as Charles P wrote, the fuel/reserves required for destination and alternate will be a burden.


    Gentlemen/Ladies, I am sorry to say it is posts and the ensuing comments like this that drive people away from The Forum. There are far more interesting and relevant news and debate to read/have. Move on !


    A pic has appeared on|Twitter|Flightglobal|sf24705510&CMPID=sf24705510


    Interesting LP about the extra liferafts….made me chuckle. Jokes aside though, I think the alternate is still to me somewhat vague. For example, the flight makes an approach and due to winds goes around, holds a bit for another go and fails again. At that point is the alternate Angola, or could it be ascension on the basis of an emergency. Although HM government may not want Ascension as a booked alternate, I can hardly see they would deny a pan or mayday.


    Indeed Mr Michael. I wonder whether there are any other cases of places that have a regular service and are so remote. Presumably any fuel will have to be tankered in or will the aircraft carry extra reserves for the return? (there was some reference about the jet being specially fitted out).

    There is something appropriate about seeing British Airways on the tarmac at St Helena.

    God Save The Queen.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 117 total)
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