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    Could anyone assist me please, what do the coloured dots underneath the One World Logo represent on my BA Card?

    I have notices that some cards have a green circle and others blue, is this any significance at all??

    Many thanks


    Allows one world airline staff to recognise the importance of a customer

    Green=emerald=gold card
    blue=sapphire= silver card

    and prems outthere let me guess the colour of your dots………


    Actually – Prem cards are Emerald too!

    Its a reflection of the problem that, for many airlines, Gold is actually mid tier, not top. Think Platinum, Gold Cirlce, Presidents club etc etc… So the alliances need something to unify each tier with something simple.

    Hence Star have a block logo with the word ‘Gold’ under, while One World have the coloured lozenges, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald (in ascending order). Not sure what the other lot have…


    Hello everyone,

    I assume by ‘the other lot’ you are referring to ‘Skyteam’ alliance carriers.

    They have a very simple system, if you are silver then your card has ‘elite’ under the Skyteam logo and ‘Elite Plus’ for gold.

    Like the other alliances thay have not yet sorted out a different designation for anyone higher than gold.

    This post is just in case anyone is interested.

    Safe travels,



    Thats interesting as i got mine ba blue executive card 3 months ago and hasn’t the oneworld logo… I know that as a blue member i don’t have benefits to lounges etc but still i beleive that they should print the oneworld logo at my card.


    Are any airlines catering for special catering needs over the season of non bread?

    Safe travelling JC.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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