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  • norbert2008

    Just flown in from Venice on the 10.30 flight (full return review to follow).

    Was asked if I would like brunch, I choose the British meat and cheese selection. Looking forward to some lovely cheddar, stilton, roast ham and maybe some pickle. Sadly I got salami, prosciutto, brie, some holey plastic cheese and mozzarella and half a boiled egg! offered cheese scone which just disintegrated when cut into. Accompanied by some white stuff with broken biscuits and strawberries and 2 blueberries.

    As there were only 3 of us in Club I had a long conversation with the Purser. Did this come ex Gatwick or Italy, Ex Gatwick, she told me, she had never seen it before and showed me the list. I said but none of it is British she agreed and then let me try the frittata, large position but very Spanish!

    I had no real problem with the brunch (apart from scone) just don’t brand it British.

    Could I suggest, our lovely British cheeses, hams, pickles, Scotish smoked salmon, etc? Or am I not considering the £££?

    Two sectors of lovely crew including both first officers, 20 in Club on way out well-done team.

    Oh, and where have full bottles of wine gone?


    Robert Ayling (remember him?) decided that British Airways should no longer be ‘British’ and in possibly one of the most disastrous ever re-livery schemes, and at vast expense, had BA’s fleets painted in various different schemes representing some of the countries to which the airline flew. Most of them looked as if a cat had thrown up over them.

    Maybe Alex is doing the same. Perhaps salami is cheaper than quality ham, mozarella (yuck!) cheaper than Stilton or Cheddar, and so on. There’s not much left about the airline that is British, so why keep up the pretence?

    Next it will be chorizo (no doubt pronounced as Chor-it-so by the Essex girl cabin crews) and jamon (the cheapest variety) washed down by San Miguel.

    What a farce BA has become under its Spanish excuse for management.


    Don’t get me started on Ayling. It was because of his ridiculous waste of money that I sent my Premier card back in a fit of pique.

    I flew NCE-LHR last Friday and actually thought the food offers were quite good; an interesting range of sandwiches/scones, or the “Ploughman’s”, which I chose.

    Half a scotch egg, some Stilton, a slice of salami and some ham, with Piccalilli and Branson, actually quite tasty, and a bit British. Back to the miniatures of wine though…….


    Of course I meant to say Branston………..


    Easy mistake to make. Branston has always upped the ham and Branson has always hammed it up.

    I’ll get me coat……


    LHR-IBZ last week the CE food was the best aircraft meal for years, in all respects. I was with friends and it was a general agreement. I did a comments card to that effect. The excellent senior crew member voiced his opinion that the improved meals were being well-received.
    Happy passengers….good lord, Mr Cruz won’t like that!


    I must say l find the servings on CE from Gatwick have improved especially the price differential compared to Heathrow. I flew to Pisa last week and returned on Sunday and the Prawn Salad starter, Roast Peppered Chicken breast and Pasta with Chocolate dessert was superb and the crew were excellent. Better than Alitalia, Swiss and Lufthansa in my opinion too with my Europe trips made in 2018. Well done!


    At the weekend I flew to Gothenburg in CE. On the way out it was a much improved afternoon tea, although the plate and tray is now way too small to accommodate the scone as well as the three small finger sandwiches. The return journey was a a salad of sliced beef in a mustard sauce which was very tasty. The new tableware is a big improvement and the cabin crew in both directions were excellent. Always it’s just a bit of a shame that the BA First (Oneworld Emerald) Lounge is so grubby and overcrowded – not even any peppermint tea now to be had.


    I have to say there is a massive improvement in BA Club Europe catering, on short flights (75ish minutes) as well as on longer (2+ hours). It might not be that British though… But it was about time!


    I had super service on both flights, a great crew both ways, under pressure on the way out and food was much better than previously. Also fares from LGW very competitive indeed.


    The last 8 times I have flown with BA I have been offered either Curry or Pasta for my main meals. I have written to BA on several occasions regarding the provision of meals on BA aircraft, particularly when they originate in the UK, not carrying UK Food. Curry from India and Pasta from Italy is NOT British. Years past I have enjoyed Steak Pies, Bangers and Mash and numerous other British dishes.

    Their response: you can always choose one of the meals from our extensive alternative menu options – Halal, Kosher, everything, etc. I am not averse to seeing meals from Italy on aircraft originating from their, or India, Germany, Australia etc etc but Please BA lets have some proper British Food on your UK originated aircraft.


    @ralph Was the curry a tikka masala? 😉


    I have also noticed this on 4 CE flights in as many weeks. Always curry. Second item pasta or risotto. Third choice some form of salad with feta cheese (Greek?) or Caesar salad (Mexican). On the last flight I carefully read the blurb and it actually says British ingredients, not British dishes.

    I agree Ralph. Bring back the pies, not only on board but also in 1st lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick. The lounges also seem to have curry and pasta, but no pies.

    To be fair to the crew, on each of the CE flights the CSM came to me early to ask what my meal preference was.


    I flew in yesterday evening from Rome in CE and can only describe the Asian Chicken curry as excellent – rich, sweet and sour and full of flavour.



    National dish of Britain.

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