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    Hello All

    I’m getting quite a good fare with BA on a route I normally would use EK, has anyone flown the A380 in 1st from the board? If so, is it ok/average/poor ? Most interested in sleep quality, I normally get a great kip with EK as I can shut the doors and feel somewhat private.

    I read the BT review, I’d only be doing it to “have it done” if you follow, so I can say I’ve flown their A380.

    Thanks in advance.



    From another thread, I mentioned I was going to fly F on BA’s 380 next week to LAX with my wife, and was feeling a little wary.

    Have flown EK 380 F lots and apart from the slightly garish “gold” fittings, think it a great product, and twice on SQ 380 which is outstanding. My trepidation is that BA is going to be a big let down.

    Previous EK 380 vs BA F 744/777 flights for sleeping suggest EK is better as you are in a rectangle, vs a “coffin” on BA, but not sure if you get more straight lines on their 380.

    Let’s compare notes. Have a good flight!


    Yeah esselle, I’ve done 8 1st class flights with EK this year (am fairly racking up the Skywards points) and enjoyed each one.

    The varying service levels that I note others mention I haven’t noticed, service has been bang on each time for me and the food/drinks amazing. EK’s ICE is outstanding and the screen is terrific, add to that they’ve finally opened their own cracking lounge at my home airport of GLA, I’m all happy with them. (Flying with them in J next month too, only a quick stop off in Dubai and back).

    But, the chance to fly BA’s A380 at a not bad price is available, I read rferguson’s review on SeatPlanes and I’ve since read some more, not what I’d call a glowing report from some of the others albeit rferguson had a decent time of it.

    Think I might just hang off, if they have a stonking 1st sale I might be tempted, otherwise I’ll stick with what I know/trust to be excellent.



    It’s not massively dissimilar to regular First. More cabin space, seat a little wider, more storage and they also do the new tasting menu which I enjoyed a lot.

    I sat in 1A which feels quite private as it is a little offset to the rest of the cabin.

    If you like the little cabins and sliding doors of EK and SQ then it’s probably not for you. It’s more like the more open cabins of LX / LH, which I prefer.


    I have flown a few times now on BAs 380 and the experience has been good. The screens between seats are quite a bit higher and give a good degree of privacy, albeit not the same as the sliding doors on EK. The seat is the same as the 747 but with a lot more space around including at the feet so much better for sleeping. In fact on my trips to HKG and LAX I have managed a good 7 hours sleep. It is a bit “understated’ which I quite like. The unknown is inconsistency of the crews. On HKG, an “old” experienced crew, very slick, whereas on a recent LAX flight, I think it was a “mixed” crew – very eager to please but lacking finesse!


    Just done BA First on the 380, Airmiles, LAX/LHR, and thought it very good indeed, my only gripe was that they did not load enough lobster, four loaded for seven pax, very good attentive crew. Couldn’t fault it.


    Having just flown recently with BA on there A380 to Johannesburg , may I just say the experience was joyful, not over the top like the middle eastern carriers and wasn’t in my face, it was pleasant, comfortable and I slept for a good 6 hours then on and off for the remainder of the flight, very quite aircraft so little noises do happen, but I shall be flying on this route more and with BA

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