Austria enters full lockdown from Monday

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  • AMcWhirter

    By now I expect many of you will have seen the news.

    I started this thread because there may be changes to air and rail schedules.

    For much of last year’s lockdown in Austria OEBB suspended its Nightjet.

    At time of writing there has been no indication as to whether or not OEBB will do the same again during the planned 10 days of lockdown.

    Rail fan @doc7austin tweeted this:

    And one hopes relaunch of the famous Paris-Vienna night train will proceed as planned.

    OEBB’s Nightjet to serve Paris-Vienna from December


    And I was due to fly to Vienna for meetings on Monday….. Now cancelled and reverting to online which will not benefit critical decision-making.

    Tom Otley

    And I was due to be taking the train from Cologne to Vienna early next week and then getting the Nightjet to Brussels on Thursday – so I hope they do cancel it so I have a better chance of getting a refund….


    Oh well a trip for half a dozen people, hotels, restaurants, shopping, evening performances etc. gone for a Burton. It’s a first world problem.

    But for how much longer are we to be held hostage by the innumerate, science denying anti-vaccine wackheads both here and abroad?

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    Tom Otley

    I can’t answer that question, but the horizon does seem to be closing in a little.

    In Cologne everything was open, but of course you have to show vaccination proof along with identification, and there are worries there of regional lockdowns.

    The same in Belgium, where there have been riots over restrictions.

    Belgium requires a Passenger Locator Form to be filled in, even when transiting (as we were, at Brussels Midi, to go on to Germany).

    It also requires a Day 2 PCR or antigen test for UK visitors, so we had to go and get that on our return here since w were spending 4 days in Brussels and Bruges.

    The arrangement is you are sent a code by phone which is them uploaded to a government site along with the test result.

    Our pharmacy did that, but even so we have been phoned every day inquiring if we are quarantining.

    Meanwhile, the South Africa variant has been detected here in Belgium, and new measures announced today include shutting down nightclubs, and, we were told by the manager of a pizza place in Bruges today, they have to shiut down at 11pm from tonight.

    Not good.

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    Hi Tom,

    I’m guessing that’s a typo in the last sentence!!

    Stay safe in these strange (and concerning) times,


    Tom Otley

    I will correct that!


    Stricter measures in the Netherlands take effect from November 28.


    We really are in the lap of the gods! We are due to fly from Ghana to London next week. From there, I am due to fly to Albania for a few days and Mrs S should fly to Slovenia at the same time, then both back to London again for a week and then back to Accra.

    Ghana remains ok for now – far enough away from the Omicron outbreak, and Slovenia is still open – despite being next to Austria. Our trip will require 5 PCR/antigen tests each (including 2 on the same day) and the folder of paperwork continues to expand daily.

    But we are both well aware that all of this could change radically in the coming days with no real insurance in place to guard against it other than the goodwill of airlines and accommodation providers. If we don;t make it, there will be a heap of lonely Amazon parcels sitting in central London, a very bare Christmas tree in Accra and a son in Albania I haven’t seen for 2.5 years. I just hope that we both end up stuck in the same country, whichever one it happens to be. But I guess that is the new reality!

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    Tom Otley

    It is a roll of the dice. So much remains unknown.
    I have found it difficult to succeed on insurance claims and, at best, you end up with credit for flights you no longer can or need to take because of changing circumstances and potentially huge hotel bills for quarantining.
    Here in Belgium, for instance, taking a Day 2 test (antigen or PCR) runs the risk of being positive, and then…. what?
    Imagine returning to the hotel and asking if you can extend your stay by 10 days!
    Would they want you there? No.
    Are they set up to be a quarantine hotel? No. So where would we have gone? No idea.
    And we had these same conversations travelling all year – in Germany, in the U.S earlier this month, in the Netherlands…
    There seems to be widespread demand for flight restrictions the moment a new strain is detected, but at best, it just buys a little time… to do what, I’m not sure. Either the vaccines work against it r they are less effective in which case we will see more lockdowns and restrictions.
    Good luck on your travels. It sounds very stressful and I hope that whatever does happen you all end up together in one place, healthy, and able to care for one another through whatever the Christmas season brings.

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