Airlines Seek to Maximise Revenue – Passengers Seek to Minimize Costs

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    There’s plenty of talk on this forum and others about how airlines look to maximise revenue by all means such as yield factors, extra charges for check-in and so on.

    Is it any wonder passengers look for ways to minimise costs and can you blame them, after all, what’s good for the goose etc?

    I need to go to Athens in July and again in September. As I’ll be coming to S. Africa in July and returning in September for this function in Athens I looked, more out of curiosity than anything else, for the ticket prices ex ATH to JNB and got an eye-opener, they are at least 35% cheaper than ex MXP!

    Now I know the reasons but it’s still an incredible saving so I’m booking my trip ex ATH with a MXP – ATH return and saving about €1,500 in the process.

    What do other forum members think?


    Morning LP…..Is it the same airline fom both MXP & ATH?


    Hi Canucklad, yes, Swiss all the way. It’s also much cheaper if using Lufthansa as well.


    Hello LP

    I wrote a piece about Euro pricing last year. At that time, Athens was the best place for buying for long-haul premium class tickets.


    Thanks Alex, I’ve still to catch up on my reading!

    My point was really, if the airlines look to maximise revenue, can they blame us passengers for looking to minimise our costs. Of course in some cases the saving does not justify the time lost, maybe a night in a hotel etc. but for some, who have the time and wish to treat themselves to a nice upgrade for little or no extra cost, it may be worth it.


    I totally agree with you LP…..

    I have a few disciplines’ that I stick too……to try and get the best value for money……..

    1) If it’s a new destination I always check out the official airport website to check what airlines serve there…..and then reverse route, examining the best value option via the different hub’s….Inter Europe with LCC can be very interesting!! Especially during holiday and peak time periods….My FR savvy pal managed to get from PIK to Alicante via Hahn for 2p return…..the direct flight was closer to £200 return per person….KQ between BGK and HKG can be surprisingly cheap….

    2) Start researching dates before you actually need to commit….One day the same flight /seat can be more expensive, the next day £100’s of pounds cheaper , and then the next back to the original….

    3) I where at all possible start my long haul ex UK to avoid APD….

    4) Sign up to various companies and take advantage of money off codes, if using that agency..

    The trouble with most things in life now a day’s is that the personal touch is lost, and waiving fee’s is almost impossible because as we all know…….

    “The computer say’s no”……..


    Use ITA matrix. You can search from almost every European departure point to a single or multiple destination and it will deliver the best price available for you date of travel. You can filter by alliance or carrier.

    Recently BUD was excellent for AY departures to Asia whilst Swiss and KLM were offering some great deals across their network.

    Matrix also great for a cheap weekend away as you can search a single departure point to anywhere in Europe and the cheapest prices will display first.

    Very useful though you cannot buy the ticket through them only via a good agent or airline telesales.

    You can often get deals ex the UK on through tickets which are so god that APD is worth paying, AY are good for this and they also have schedules which permit through ticketing but have just over 24 hours in Helsinki which in turn drops the UK APD to euro levels.


    You are right LP, what’s good for the goose etc….. When i started with ex-Europe BA departures (specifically from Germany and purchased through a German trav el agent), they all of a sudden dropped me as they had been told not to sell ex-Europe tickets to UK customers. This was back in 2006.

    The trip I am making next week with BA to Asia, is the first time in a long time that a London ticket is cheaper than an ex-Europe ticket.

    Whenever we do find a way of minimising our costs, through use of different tickets, the airline try to cover it with additional terms and conditions.


    I tend to fly Ex AMS with KLM these days for Business flights.
    There is an immediate saving of £2-300 on taxes charges levies etc.

    Checking the same Airlines from EU gateways can save much especially when travelling regularly or with more than one person. For me connections from the UK to Amsterdam are quicker that going to LHR even living in London, and a far better travel experience quality.

    I travel KLM Business Class in a few weeks time AMS-BKK and on through Asia with friends for a holiday, buying the seats a couple of months ago with their worldwide sale. they cost £1,350 each return in Z class. the nearest fare from London with any Airline was £1,800.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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