Airlines carrying weapons on board flights to subdue unruly passengers

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  • Craig Bright

    Hi All,

    The IATA recently said “unruly passenger incidents on board aircraft in flight have become a significant problem” in a report it release in December 2016.

    Between 2007 and 2015, the association collected 49,084 incidents of unruly passenger behaviour, and in 2015 such incidents occurred at a rate of one per 1,205 flights. Eleven per cent of these were “Level 2” incidents involving physical aggression to others or damage to the aircraft.

    Numerous airlines now carry equipment, such as ropes and handcuffs, to restrain unruly passengers. Some even carry stun guns to incapacitate passengers that become aggressive and dangerous.

    We’d like your opinions on airlines carrying subduing weapons as a way to keep fellow travellers and crew safe from disruptive passengers? Are these precautions appropriate, are they excessive, or should airlines do even more?


    @craig -“We’d like your opinions on airlines…” are you able to let us know who you are or rather who….. “we’d like“… is…….? are you from BT or an external research body?


    Something to do with the survey that has popped up on right hand side I guess.


    I’d like to carry a taser to stun some of the cabin crew, frankly.

    Mark Caswell

    Hi all – Craig Bright is our online editor in the Asia Pacific region.


    Your post made me smile FDOS…….
    Just this morning, my colleagues were discussing how useful it would be if we could use Tasers on disruptive employee’s. I then added to this most brilliant of ideas by suggesting training a monkey to do the actual firing of so said Taser.

    You keep the monkey in a cat carrier and when uppity behaviour starts you wave the monkey at them, threatening to release the monkey from its plastic domicile

    if uppitness doesn’t subside, release the monkey, Taser gun in hand……

    I’m quite sure that this would be perfectly acceptable on-board an aircraft, and could undeniably be a welcome interlude during the hours of boredom at 35.000ft.


    Bit cruel on the monkey though Canucklad! ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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