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  • canucklad

    By Gum, Bloody Northerners : )

    On a serious note, of all the airlines I use, I’ve got to say that Jet2 is the most pro-active in asserting their “no tolerance” policy. So our bladdered Bradford passenger knew the risk so hell mend him.

    As for the EK flight, seems like business class worked very well for him. So well done EK. I mean after all, if your host ply’s you with enough jungle juice that you think you’re in your own home, and not on-board a 600 mph machine flying at 40,000ft then you’ve got your moneys worth.


    …Jet2 are looking at banning the sale of alchohol before 8.00am…

    Tom Otley

    I haven’t come across this reason before

    Wife discovers spouse’s affair midair, outburst forces pilot to land

    En route to Bali on a Qatar Airways flight, Iranian woman unlocks her sleeping husband’s phone to find that he was having an affair.


    While I agree with many of the comments above, I must say that such instances of unruly or aggressive behaviour are not the sole domain of the working classes. In the past few years I have witnessed unreasonable, selfish and just plain rude behaviours from middle aged, middle class white guys in suits, and their sometimes frightful spawn (including in J on legacy/full service carrier flights). Individualistic and disruptive behaviours aren’t confined to bucket and spade flights from the provinces. I’ve seen BA crew having to diffuse potential punch ups on a post-work Geneva-LHR flight because one guy expected another already seated passenger to move so his wife to sit next to him (even though the wife was allocated a seat elsewhere on the plane). I’ve also seen many a group of Sloane types drunk to their eyeballs shouting across aisles and being demeaning to crew. So what I’m trying to say is, this isn’t a class issue at all and the two shouldn’t be conflated.


    To the above I’ll add this.

    Last year I travelled from Paris to London on an early evening Eurostar service in ‘Business Premier’. A few tables along from me was a group of four men in their thirties/forties, suits and ties, educated accents (Sloane types!), who’d clearly been on a trip to Paris to visit a client whose identity, and theirs (a well known consultancy practice), became very obvious from their loud and foulmouthed conversation. They boarded with beers in plastic cups and had clearly spent too much time in the pub. The language they were using was not even appropriate for a pub during a football game, let alone a public conveyance with people of both sexes present.

    As I was closer to them than anyone else I asked them to keep their voices down and moderate their language, for which I naturally received abuse and threats. They then started throwing empty tins and bottles and items of food at me and other people, behaving as apes in a zoo might.

    Somebody alerted the train crew and two plain clothes security men appeared very quickly, ringfenced the four louts, containing them at their table, and at the first stop in UK they were removed from the train by police.

    The Eurostar train staff came through and apologised, even though it was not their fault, took names and addresses, and sent everyone a hamper, which was an excellent commercial gesture.

    A couple of phone calls I made the next day probably ensured that their careers didn’t progress very fast.


    Capetonianm,well done,reminds me of the quotation that everyone knows something you don’t know.
    You can’t let them know your contacts,or you’d get more abuse and you asked politely so they got what they deserved!


    Actually Capetonianm, if trains like planes were diverted due to bad behaviour I’d never ever have reached my destination. So hats off to you taking direct action.
    And as Joe says it’s not just the domain of the Buckfast swilling brigade.
    If I had a dollar for the amount of times I’ve come across Champagne Charlie’s making total phallic shapes of themselves, happy to replicate St Andrews fresher week at 125 mph I’d be as rich as their parents.

    Alas, unlike Eurostar, the train crews I’ve encountered only seem to use their powers to chastise and threaten the neds from the scheme and choose to ignore the wannabe Bullingdon bullies
    In fact I’d go as far to say , some crew seem to be intimated by these buffoons.
    On the evidence I’ve seen, the class system in the UK is alive and kicking.
    Chuck a couple of marbles in your mouth and you can get away with almost anything!!

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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