Air New Zealand Dreamliner 789 Timetable withdrawls

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  • MarcusGB

    Anyone aware of the on-going problems with Air NZ’s on going Rolls Royce engine difficulties?

    It appears that they are withdrawing their 11 Only 789’s from timetables, due to these issues, that have been reported, as possibly on for another year?!!
    I travel to Australia in a few weeks, and taking two Air New Zealand flights out to Pacific Islands, then back to Auckland after. Both flights have been replaced with Leased 777’s, not sure if they are the Singapore Aircraft, or the Eva Air aircraft, as there have been 2 leases, the other announces recently.

    I booked a Business class cabin out from Sydney to Cook Islands, a fair overnight 6 hrs (and over date line), and the other to Auckland in Premium Economy, The seat changes were for a different aircraft on the first flight, and i received an email from Air NZ, stating that due to the problems, their 789 was withdrawn, also on the 2nd. However, as i had booked Premium Economy (one of the best in the sky), they would place me in Business class for this trip.

    Is it not rather prolonged to have such disruptions for 6 months already, and now carrying on for another year?
    It has apparently cost Air NZ over $ 40 Million already, so who has liability for these costs?
    Air new Zealand are a fantastic Airline, small with limited reach unless in their corner of The World. They were bullied out of Australia and Trans Tasman routes by EK, that are now withdrawing again, so hopefully gaining their Business back. This must hit them hard with a small fleet, these being the backbone of new profitable, popular Dreamliners.


    As you may know, MarcusGB, Air NZ is very much a niche airline over here.

    Its sole European route is to LHR. Air NZ’s nearest point to Europe is Singapore.

    In recent months Air NZ has depended on Hi-Fly to cover for its B787 issues.


    I’m a fan as they produced (with partners SQ & virgin Atlantic) one of the very few fairly priced RTW fares (Great Escapade). Sadly now less interesting as British Midland have been gobbled up by BA.


    Fear not for ANZ they now are allied with QF on the trans tasman routes.
    EK profitted from cargo on these routes but still had too much capacity.LA and CI have a 5th freedom flight each.
    ANZ has a great product ( except the herringbone coffin biz seats up for replacement),upgraded lounges, and cleverly target non QF destinations in the Americas ,Eze instead of Scl and Iah instead of Dfw.
    I’m sure their lawyers will sort out the faulty engine losses.


    Thanks to those who have left a comment on this subject.

    Yes, they are less common over here in Europe, and once had many routes to North America, and Asia, clearly to and from their base in Auckland. When in Australia, they do provide some unique routes to the Pacific, and always on their larger Med/ Long haul Aircraft, meaning a larger jet, and a better service with a long haul suited cabin. They used to run their 767’s on many routes, but the Dreamliners and 777’s replaced these, meaning a higher standard of travel in flight.
    The SYD- AKL “Tasman routes”, with EK coming in a pushing their business out, are now withdrawing.
    Air NZ were running smaller A320 jets instead of the larger and better seats, entertainments of the 777’s, and the Dreamliners were also featuring on the timetable.

    They have won numerous awards, and also featured one of the best Premium Economy design cabins in the sky, and superb foods and wines, enthusiastic staff teams, wildly funny Sport orientated safety video’s on board. They are The World’s first to introduce the “Skycouch” concept also. Their food and wines n board are simply superb.

    So as i understand, they have leased 1 or 2 Singapore 777’s, and now 2 of Eva Airs 777’s. these do not feature Premium Economy seats, hence the offer to be placed in Business class as a gesture, for one of my 4.5 hr flights for which i booked PE, which is very fair and reasonable of them. Rarely would you find this at most Airlines these days!

    The l flight i booked months ago ex Sydney is a weekly one, with a 6 hr flight East out of Sydney, to Raratonga, The Cook Islands. U have to stay 6 nights (date line over there and back). unless you take fights towards Auckland.
    So this high quality Airline, provides unique standards and concepts, services, and i hope they can continue to expand and enhance the options they have. Yes they ave teamed up with Qantas, but their Aircraft simply do not offer the space, service or unique Kiwi welcome and feel on board. I sincerely hope they can regenerate the loyalty back from all travellers, which will again support these Medium to Long haul Aircraft, rostered onto shorter routes, and through Asia.
    hey often have sales, making them very reasonable for the services they provide.

    True that you only ever come across them when flying out of Australia, or the few Asianic routes, as well as the LHR-LAX-AKL routes, but the previous route via HKG, having been dropped, which gave a RTW travel option. but idf you have the opportjnity to select a flight with them, it is well worth it and a great travel experience.

    I still wonder why the engines on these 789 Dreamliners, take so long to repair or replace, when they form a backbone of the Dreamliner new innovation aircraft, for this superb Airline?


    Fascinating report from industry publication ATW today.

    Rolls-Royce is saying that it’s all down to pollution (around big cities) which affects this particular engine type.

    In mainland China it could be even worse as pollution may affect airports too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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