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    With BA’s new ad campaign officially unveiled today, it’s interesting to note the difference in style between it and the new Air France ad which premiered last week. We’ve embedded the ad here, alongside the new BA campaign for comparison:

    Entitled “L’Envol” (The Flight), the ad was filmed “on a mirror reflecting only sky and dancers”, with Benjamin Millepied and his dancing partner Virginie Caussin delivering “a poetic metaphor of flight to express Air France’s brand promise: ‘Making the sky the best place on Earth.'”

    Air France says that the new ad celebrates “the positive values of French culture that differentiate the company: refinement, elegance and the art of quality living”.






    When understatement becomes overstated, communication problems ensue.



    The poor dears were lucky they didn’t come a cropper and have a nasty accident on that slippery mirrored floor.

    Surprised she survived her “flight”.

    A telling allegory to flying with AF these days, alas.



    OK, that’s it. I was bored after the first few seconds but forced myself to watch to the end in case something exciting actually happened. It didn’t.

    However the part of any artisitic presentation is to make us think. So I did! An here’s the result of my thinking and now I understand the add.

    An AF plane (out of screen) has overshot the runway or made an emergecy landing on some far flung ice bound lake

    Two survivors who were travelling in First are so pleased they made it out alive, that they hesitantly kiss each other.

    Giddy after all the champagne on board he twists like a swirling dervish and so scared is the female he will leave her in this desolate place she clings on to him and refuses to let go!

    Lousy advert, lousy airline.



    nice, but dull.



    I like the music and the dance… AF should stop being too artistic and start making their points clearer.



    Alasdair – great description of the French!



    I am awaiting the new Lufthansa campaign with the Red Baron or may be we will see Snoopy doing a spot for American or United…



    The Red Baron would be superb!

    I’d hope for something as witty as this, perhaps from bmi, but I doubt they new owners would see the funny side:



    …by helping their heirs claim the lucrative life insurance.



    Me thinks this strand is a tad predictable in its jingoism and sits well alongside the little Englander posts about EU membership that we all enjoyed recently. I really took to the Air France clip – its evocative and creative unlike the Daily Mail-like simplicity of the BA piece, designed, like the newspaper, for those with a sub-12 reading and mental age!!

    Better clamber out of the hornets nest and get on with some work……..



    Perhaps a new strapline for AF…

    Air France: The Dictator’s Choice



    Tom, yes these streams become predictable but I would not necessarily describe realism about the benefits or shortcomings of UK membership of the EU as Little Englander or to be more correct little UK’er as it should include Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    I think the two commercials do reflect the need states of their intended audiences as you say however my question is do Biggles or Dancing on Ice really build Brand Equity? Not sure that either commercial is strong or relevant enough to do that. May be the campaigns when fully underway will do that but I think both commercials are very obviously deflecting attention away from the carriers’ perceived weak spots.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)

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