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    Weirdest business class ever…
    I’m entering a review under Aeroflot, although this was officially with “Vladivostok Air”, a route code shared with Aeroflot, and booked through them. But Vladivostok Air isn’t on the list.

    My producer and I flew from Paris to Moscow, then Moscow to Abakan (middle of nowhere in Siberia). After arriving in Moscow we were taken to the business class lounge at Moscow’s domestic terminal for a 3 hour wait for our Siberia bound flight on Vladivostok Air.
    We were the only ones there, but the lounge isn’t unpleasant, although you do expect a little more from Moscow.
    We were then served little pieces of bread with spam and pickles and that was it for 3 hours of wait. No TV, No newspapers, just a bare room with semi-comfortable sofas.

    We then proceeded to a quick check-in and got on the weirdest flight ever…
    The business class seats were a collection of other airlines seats that overhauled somehwere in the 80’s, every 2 seats were of different colors and fabric. We were told we could choose whichever seat (out of a total 8) we wanted, and we took the ones who looked the cleanest. If you were flying business in the 80’s, you must remember the fake leather, padded arm-rests, crazy color, doesn’t really recline, but strangely comfortable seats…
    Then came the “champagne” again, a choice of leftover bottles from 3 different airlines, and followed by the food. That one was even embarrassing for the 60+, too big to go through the aisles, doesn’t speak a word of English, Russian mamoushka (and air hostess). She comes out with a rolling tray with about 30 different choices of meals, again, all from different airlines.
    Since she couldn’t read the labels (in English), it was up to us to shuffle through the different aluminum packages to chose our meal, the choice varied between Thai Airways “Chicken”, Air France “Beef”, BA “sausage”… etc… we chose one each, which prompted a surprising look (I think it meant “only one?”) she then took it to her galley, nuked them and came back a few minutes later with our surprise meals and a bread roll.
    I almost felt sorry for her, but felt more sorry for myself after my stomach found out that i chose what was probably a week old piece of Air France economy class “chicken”.

    Upon landing we were taken to the terminal by an old military jeep (and just as old driver) as part of our “VIP” treatment.


    Having just read a similar post on another thread, zhouchaojie is obviously a spam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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