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    The recent AC flight that almost landed on several parked aircraft on the parallel taxiway, probably to cause the world’s greatest air crash, and stopped only by an observant ATC controller seems unbelievable?
    Don’t AC train their flight crews to use instrument procedures? Await the incident investigation with interest ‘though the facts seem true.



    I listened to the conversation between the tower and the aircraft and when the ‘go round’ order was gvie there was little if any query/concern from the fight deck. As you say Flightlevel the upcoming enquiry should be interesting!!



    May suggest that non-pilots are not really qualified to comment on the flying/training aspects of this very scary incident?

    The incident was avoided due to a pilot in the queue for 28R alerting ATC.

    Why would a pilot query a ‘go around’ instruction or be concerned about it?

    I’ve had a few, the last thing on your mind, with the workload, is to second guess the controller or express concern – if unhappy, sort it out on the ground afterwards. Unless the safety of the aircraft is threatened, in which case it is your call (but be prepared to defend yourself afterwards).


    Tom Otley
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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