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    Hi all, i often read this forum however very rarely post or contribute anything and once i have waded through the BA bashing find this site both very informative and interesting (minus the petty childish arguments). Anyway i shall cut to the chase as i need to pick your brains over something!

    The wife and i are currently in New York and she has me chairing a charity dinner ball gala for her sister in LA and has unfortunately for myself, insisted we fly coach from JFK to LAX and give the difference from the economy to first fare to charity.

    Am i correct in thinking its nothing complimentary even on transcont flights? not even a meal? And if not, is there the option to purchase a meal? And by a meal i don’t mean the usual AA snack boxes. For a flight of 5hrs i certainly expect something, even in Y. Any other interesting info on AA Y transcont would also be appreciated.

    I truly am dreading this flight on a knackered old 767-200. Bring on the A380 for the homeward leg.

    Merry Christmas and happy travels.


    Hello trusman

    You didn’t say when you were travelling … but you might find this information useful for when the new A321 enters service.



    You are indeed correct – in coach on AA it isn’t great (nor most other American carriers on domestic itineries). You will be served soft drinks and tea/coffee. Alcohol costs $7 or $8 each and there is no food service. You can purchase snack etc on board and I believe they are looking to offer a pre-order food service (for $) but if I were you I’d look at buying something in the airport and taking on board.

    If you’re Exec Plat you do get a free alcoholic drink and snack box. Some have reported that BA Golds and other OW Emeralds have received this privilege too…

    One other thing, if you’re watching the inflight movie, you’ll need to stump up $5 for your headphones (which are not great) or better still – take your own.



    Are you a BA gold card holder (or oneworld equivalent?), as IIRC, you get free drinks as one of those, but no food, unless you pre-purchase or take your own.

    It’s a questionable decision to fly coach westbound, as the journey can be over 6 hours if the headwinds are strong, about the same as a LON-BOS crossing.


    About three weeks back, I came across the US on a LAX-JFK run on one of the older B767-200 albeit in Business. The aircraft was in surprisingly good shape I must admit. They had kept this example in good shape.

    I took a stroll to the back and if you are able to snag 2 seats by the galley rows 17 through 24 (AB and HJ) they actually looked comfortable and have great leg room as they are consider Main Cabin Extra (MCE) I believe. No food or beverage as you say.

    I have done around 14-16 segments on AA over the past 18 months (domestic including Hawaii and Caribbean) mostly in C/F and I must say they are steadily improving. My recent BOS-LAX in late November was downright outstanding with an excellent crew, good food and great entertainment in First. Not to mention the 210 Tier Points to my BAEC Gold Card 🙂



    “I have done around 14-16 segments on AA over the past 18 months (domestic including Hawaii and Caribbean) mostly in C/F and I must say they are steadily improving.”

    I’d agree with you on the basis of my own small sample size. I only had two AA sectors this year, DFW-LHR and DFW-EWR, but both were on clean/tidy aircraft (772, MD80), with pleasant crew who tried hard.



    I get to try the newish B77W in Business in a week on the LHR-JFK route. Expectations high in term of seat, lowish in terms of the rest… This will be my first AA intercontinental trip since ORD-ARN on an old AA DC-10 back in June, 1990 🙂

    I used to fly UA and CO domestically. The latter always good (IMHO) and the former a bit of “hit and miss”. However, as I have been using OneWorld more and more for my US and Caribbean trips I’ve been introduced to AA . Often, a cheap and effective means to retain BAEC Gold. My recent trip to HNL was semi-optimised for Gold renewal as I have one more year on the old none-UK 800 TP level. With the booster campaign I netted 1170 TPs and 79,000 Avios on my HNL trip for £2,100. Not bad. Sorry for the semi-OT..

    I am worried however, that the US Airways Management Team will take over the new AA. Customer friendly policies are not their core skill in my experience.


    Unfortunately i’m travelling tomorrow so wont be able to try the new A321 services. Although surely this must be a rather large capacity reduction over the 767, not to mention cargo?

    I am indeed BA Gold, so here’s to hoping i do at least get a free drink! FormerlyDos, i know economy westbound transcont is questionable to say the least however the decision is out of my control as the wife is very stubborn and persuasive. However i do like to think i’m not a snooty business traveller and can indeed “slum it down the back” on flights over 3hrs! Hopefully i can prove myself correct!

    Senator, thanks for the heads up! Would you say they are better than BA’s 767’s even though there older and don’t even have AVOD? We are indeed booked in 22A/B.

    Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in JFK T8 then, if were going to need a substantial meal before getting on the aircraft?



    You can purchase food in coach on cross-country American Airlines flights.

    Here is the coach menu selections:



    You do of course, also have the option of purchasing food while you are planeside and bringing it onboard with you.


    In the economy cabin, and even many business class or first class cabins, the best food on a plane is what you take from home.

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