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  • HongKongLady

    Have flown the A380 HK London Via Singapore, the plane seemed quiet not the usual Airbus whine, the cabin interior was bright and welcoming. The seats which obviously vary with ailine were in my case great, Singapore airlines use a 1;2;1 configeration which gives a very wide seat which is extremely comfortable, Leg room does initally look less as when fully reclined your legs go under the seat infront. However I liked the concept. On the return I was on a 777 with a similar layout ( without the upstairs)and this too was good.
    I agree they are not at their most graceful on take off and also agree that you can’t beat the 747


    I flew from Francfort to Tokyo in F on LH and enjoyed the service very much.
    The A380 itself is great. Very quiet and stable. The noise level is so low, that it cannot be compared to any other .
    I totally agree with Vertrek, the 380 is the future.

    By the way,the AF seat in biz is far from being as bad as frequently commented. I flew twice 11 hours past week and slept well, I like their service.


    Rich, are you and I the only ones to take any notice of the “cracks” issue? I would be very wary of flying the A380 until its resolved. Maybe we’re in the minority here?


    LP, nope the guy at Qatar agrees. They do not want any until it is fixed.
    To be clear this is not an Airbus v Boeing issue as I am also concerned about the cracks on the 787.
    It is all too easy to gte caught up i the moment and be for the future. History teaches us with examples like the Comet, to be cautious.


    I am aware of the issue surrounding the crack and I believe if it’s too dangerous for an equipment to be flown, it will be grounded. QR is wise to delay the delivery till everything is settle, but just like any other new products, flaws are meant to be found, luckily nothing major so far.

    The worst was QF jet, but perhaps it has something to do in the way they maintained their jets as SQ who operates the jumbo ahead of them, didn’t have any problem at all. But again, thanks to QF for pointing the problem out.

    I don’t care whether it is airbus or boeing, good product is good product no matter where they are from. 🙂


    With the proposed seating for the BA A380 at 469 seats, it really will be interesting to see how our products work on the FatBus. Space, privacy and comfort and quiet obviously for F and J, but with come carriers having F lower deck beneath the stairs, passengers are complaining of constant noise thru foot fall in first and up the forward stairs. Also, we need to look at rapid disembarkation for F and J which leaves BA the conundrum of where to place WT+.
    I was pleasantly surprised that the number of passengers in the BA A380 is on the average to low side, though not quite as low as Korean. This could mean much more personal space, lockers, washrooms and enhanced First & Club Kitchen maybe.
    Only a few months and well get to see the designs.


    I just flew Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Houston. I have to say that I was HUGELY disappointed with the A380. The seats in business class are cramped. There is no divider between passengers. The seats are not fully flat. Lufthansa ran out of popular food choices every time. The plane was almost 2 hours delayed due to de-icing, but the temperature upon departure was +4 deg C? Coming off the plan there were huge delays in Houston clearing customs due to the large number of people coming off at the same time. Similarly, bags did not arrive on the baggage carousel for over an hour!

    All in all, the whole flight from start to finish was crappy.

    I will certainly choose to avoid the A380 in future, as I don’t believe facilities are able to keep up with the large number of passengers carried on such a large plan yet.


    How is one flight on Lufthansa a fair test?

    Lufthansa configure their premium seats very densely on this aircraft anyway.

    I have flown on SIA A380s several times already and they are definitely my favourite aircraft.

    However, you must be realistic- just compare a BA 777-300ER with fully flats and funky lights and better ovens, to an AF one with 3-4-3 in Y and angled J, standard ovens and bar lighting.



    I don’t think the fault is with A380, but LH for on board service and product, and Houston Airport for baggage.

    From my experience with my A380 flight (J, Y+ or Y) with SQ, QF and AF, they are all good, and my baggage is always waiting for me on the belt in SIN, LHR, JFK and CDG.

    I don’t think it is fair to blame Airbus A380 for LH and Houston incapabilities.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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