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    I am trying to book a flight that has 6 legs. I can see the fare I want using ITA matrix but I cannot find a site to book with. AA and BA do permit 6 leg flights, but it is very hard to chose an itinerary with each flight that I want. Lastminute.com also has the option to book 6 legs but does anyone know of any other reputable online site that allows you to book 6 legs?



    Does this not work?


    I think if you set it to select by schedule instead of price & set number of results to 50 will make it easier.



    When I book this with BA and or AA, I call them when I have a complex booking. I have noticed that sometimes, the on-line option is not able to price the itinerary correct.

    As BAEC Gold it is free when calling BA, and when calling AA I’ve paid $25. Well worth the money..

    Specially important when booking US domestic segments operated by AA or US if booking premium class as BA code share on AA operated metal is booked as Business whilst booking with AA or US flight numbers this is booked as First. Substantial difference in Tier Points, specially when flying on segments longer than 2,000 miles.



    Thanks @mkcol74 and @Senator both for such helpful responses!



    Have you also tried the likes of Kayak and Skyscanner? They allow multi-segment itineraries and they will show who might be able to book the particular itinerary for you.



    I understand that multi-segment itineraries are not permitted on skyscanner and with kayak for some reason they just do not pick up the fares or options that I am looking for. They didn’t even present any Oneworld options. I ended up getting the fare by calling AA directly so thanks all.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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