3 LHR terminals in worst rated UK airports

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    A recent study by a much respected publication in the UK list the best and worst airports based on real passenger feelings.

    LHR appears to have been judged on the each terminal and then managed to get 3 of the 5 bottom places. This includes T4 where millions have been lavished. T1/3 are perhaps not surprising entries both of which are embarrassing dumps.



    There seem to be a couple of different reports on this survey around on the BBC website:


    The idea of Newcastle as the best airport in the UK is laughable on the basis of my own experience of it. No surprises about LHR except that T5 does as well as it has, it’s no better than any of the others from a point of view of efficiency and service.


    Here’s a link to the report itself (although you might need to be a member to see the whole thing. It’s a bargain at £7 a month and they do a lot of travel-related reports) http://www.which.co.uk/news/2013/08/which-reveals-the-best-and-worst-uk-airports-330453/?intcmp=HP.hero.large.1.wcunews.bestandworstairports.aug17. It’s based on reports from 11,500 members.

    The worst is Luton followed by T1 and then T3. Southend was top. Humberside was next.


    Just been in and out of Norwich which I had not used for a while – just like flying used to be:

    Park right outside the terminal, short walk to check-in, shorter walk to a fully-manned security check with no delays, seat next to gate, short walk to Embraer, board on time, leave early. On return, in car less than 5 minutes after door open. Brilliant – except for that dammed £10 development tax.


    On Sunday 29 September I had unarguably the worst terminal experience of many years of airline travel – excluding weather delays. And it was LHR T3. This is without a doubt the worst international terminal in the world – if there can be a worse one I would like to hear about it. CDG T2 comes close but nothing can be this bad. There was a 50m queue just to get to the boarding pass check. I queue jumped. Inside the snail’s pace just to get to a security belt was as bad as ever but I made it in a reasonable 20 mins. So far, so T3. Then, on my belt, 6 pieces of baggage in a row were taken off for hand searching.

    Mine was fifth. A lone security person then slowly, meticulously took the first bag apart – belonging to a confused 80 year old pensioner. It took 10 minutes with explosive residue swipes on every article. Same for the next one – another 10 minutes. By this time my flight for which I had been in plenty of time, was closing. After 30 minutes they finished the third bag. Only then apologetically to the others waiting did I interject and point out that I was about to miss my flight and the supervisor took my bag aside. He scanned it and said that there was nothing wrong with it. Gave it back to me and I was off. Almost 40 minutes waiting for bag screening for a bag that did not need screening.

    When will someone in BAA do something about this shocking place. If they would reduce the gigantic shopping mall by 10% they could fit in another dozen security lanes but of course they do not care about that.

    I am now at the stage where I will no longer fly on an airline that uses T3.



    Yes T3 at times might be bad. Try JNB on a good day!! Miles of queues at security….and you still get a bottle of water through, unnoticed! Then suspected world-wide terrorists get through immigration on false SA passports unnoticed…..


    I flew out of T3 on the evening of the 20 September. The place was rammed, the queue for security was some 150-200 metres long. Thankfully we had fast track, so got through in minutes. However when we arrived back on the 27th and from plane, baggage collection through customs took 30 minutes.


    I doubt that any terminal of LHR is the worst international terminal in the world and I also doubt that Newcastle is the best airport in the UK.
    Having said that, they do indeed need to add security in all LHR terminals, although IMO it is a matter of people working and not space.


    I thought according to Skytrax and the BA billboards, Terminal 5 was the best in the world.


    No, T3 is not the worst international terminal in the world-my pet hate is Nairobi- but it is nowhere near as good as it should be and with completion of T2 and the closure of T1 it will stick out like a sore thumb. The only thing which might improve next year is that, with the transfer of a number of Star Alliance carriers to T2, it should get less busy (although with more BA flights to be accommodated across T5 and T3 and (presumably) Malaysia, Qatar and anyone else joining Oneworld relocating there that may be short lived…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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