2020 Olympics

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    I am feeling quite nervous about the vote…let’s see?

    Huge disappointment for Madrid. Knocked out in the first round of voting.


    Has this got some relevance to business travel?

    An awful lot Simon.


    Tokyo it is! Just when you thought cost of hotel rooms couldn’t go any higher!! Japanese games makers? Not so sure about that.

    Congratulations Tokyo!!


    Great News !!
    One more excellent reason to visit again this fascinating city and fantastic country!

    @ImissConcorde: Tokyo is cheaper than , LON, NYC, MOW, PAR, and the service in hotels is by far much better


    Spain has more than enough problems without adding to them with the poisoned chalice of the Olympics. My Spanish side of the family are ecstatic that Spain ‘lost’ the vote – meaning they actually won.

    Japan is welcome to it and will doubtless make it hugely successful, as they do with most things.


    Japan will undoubtedly ensure a successful Olympics by pouring in unlimited funds – My friends in Nagano still bemoan the extra tax that prefecture is encumbered with following the 1998 winter games there. A tax that was levied on the prefecture alone as the governent would not share it out amongst the nation as a whole. These were also the supposed ‘green’ games that had the juxtaposition of an eco-friendly facade in the form of things like disposable plates made of potato peelings, which were then piled into the ‘Moeru-gommi’ burnable-garbage cans along with everything else out of the sight of the media to release untold toxins into the air. Yes – it will be a succesful games – the Japanese would not allow it to be anything but. Talk to the people on the street however and they all voted a resounding NO to being host city. On the plus side it will force the Government to sort out Fukushima and the thousands still homeless following the Tsunami.


    Hi, it is so enjoyable and creates great fun for everyone. Its great news for Tokyo has won the right to host the Olympic Games for the second time. I am glad for the Tokyo wining. Congo!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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