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  • Lorianmarnet

    What is the plan for 2019?

    The plan is for most average UK and Euro working people and especially for me a small business owner in central London is to survive the next year 2019 generally and to survive the daily regular commute.

    My travels are on the Cattle Truck, er, Train, from SW London to near the salubrious area of Park Lane. The nearest I get to a forum reading “Oh Dear, I’m stuck in the F Lounge and the skivvies have run out of hand picked guava nuts, send them down” is, I’m stuck at the bus stop because the trains are not running….strikes for example ? or the rail directors mis-management etc.

    Seriously, I am a very regular reader on here and it all seems what I would percieve as a clique of the same intelligent participants but all suffering from the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ you all know what that is don’t you? My Upgrade J massage is better than your Gold one BT says so and ‘Thank You Mr Editor for that hard working review of an F flight on a cold Winters morning where you apparently ‘Worked On Board”? Doing what ?

    The review we are reading or your other Sheet Metal Business or something, I like it when the reviewer says “Then I grabbed some sleep” (I need to know the whole flight from start to finish, how hard can it be to enjoy probably J or F and be paid for it and stay awake ? or, apologies for this statement,but is it a ‘Gratis, you know what we want’ ticket ? BT, I’ve always wanted to know this, maybe this year tell us plebs at least ?

    Even the decent but “Don’t tread on the toes of potential advertisers” the BT editorial people ‘NEVER’ have a Late Micheal Winner Moment (We All Miss His Kick A**E reviews) Come on BT for 2019 take a risk and say this’Journey’ was er, erm, ‘Unpleasant’ or something unusual like that! Can you do that for all of your regular readers?

    Now, where is my 19.00 HRS train ? Oh, its cancelled again..and its freezing and its Brexit when I get home and put on the TV…its the rail mis-management people to blame again or the unions, But Hey, No they can’t be ? Maybe they are in some F lounge aswell, who knows, playing with their luxury nuts ?

    Come on BT for 2019, kick some you know what in all your reviews and to hell with the advertisers toes! Hey, shall I review for all the worlds BT readers my luxury ‘Sardine Class’ er, S class (No Lounge), commute into London ? Keep Wise and Alert all!!

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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