A high percentage of on-time flights and reasonably priced hotel rooms helped Detroit to take the top spot in a new ranking of business travel-friendly cities in the US.

Travel risk management firm On Call International ranked the top 20 US business travel destinations based on five factors: number of on-time flights, cost of lodging, reliability of mobile network coverage, traffic congestion, and hospital emergency room efficiency.

Detroit topped the rankings by placing in the top five in each category without finishing first in any one area. The other business travel-friendly cities identified by On Call included Phoenix, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Denver and Dallas. New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami and Boston placed at the bottom of the rankings.

Atlanta performed best in terms of on-time flights, while Orlando had the best prices on hotel rooms and Cleveland travellers faced the least traffic congestion. Atlanta and Chicago had the most reliable 4G LTE mobile coverage, and Denver hospitals had the best emergency-room response time and triage efficiency.

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