Fireback, the newest addition to EHV International’s culinary ventures, introduces an alluring Thai dining experience set against the picturesque backdrop of Siolim in Goa. Hidden behind an old Portuguese bungalow, Fireback provides a charming riverside setting for patrons to savour authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant’s name, inspired by the Siamese Fireback, the Thai national bird, reflects the essence of the establishment, emphasising the fire-grilled techniques employed in many of its signature dishes.

Renowned and multi-award-winning Chef David Thompson assumes the role of Culinary Director, infusing the menu with his legendary expertise. Thai curries, stir-fries, and a variety of small plates and grills form the core of the extensive offering. The concept extends beyond the culinary domain, with a unique beverage program featuring cocktails inspired by Thai ingredients. The visionary behind this gastronomic endeavour is Rohit Khattar, Founder Chairman of EHV International, who expresses excitement about bringing an authentic Thai restaurant to Goa, fulfilling a longstanding aspiration.

Fireback’s ambiance is a result of collaboration between London’s Russell Sage Studio and architect Pratap Naik. The modern glass house design seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, accommodating up to 80 guests. The outdoor decks and promenade overlooking the river provide a delightful setting, with the historic St. Anthony’s Church in the distance adding to the unique charm.

The culinary team, led by Chef Swatantra Gautam and supported by Prantush Rai as the Head Chef and Kamal Kant Joshi as the Chef de Cuisine, ensures a fusion of traditional and modern Thai flavours. Varun Sharma, EHV International’s Head of Bars, crafts a distinctive beverage program, featuring innovative Thai cocktails, while Head of Wines Kevin Rodrigues curates a wine list to complement the diverse Thai flavours.