Red Sea Global (RSG) has revealed plans for Thuwal Private Retreat, an exclusive buy-out-only island destination set to welcome guests next year.

Located on a 1.7-hectare sandy islet on the Red Sea coast, guests will be able to access the island resort via a private jetty.

The resort will have a main three-bedroom villa, three one-bedroom suites, a beach club, gym and wellness center.

“It is the latest project we can reveal since we announced our expanded portfolio of projects last year and it is significantly advanced in terms of delivery. It is also the first time we are creating a destination owned and operated end-to-end by the expert team here at Red Sea Global, from development and planning to accommodation and guest services,” said John Pagano, group CEO of Red Sea Global.

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RSG is the developer behind The Red Sea and Amaala destinations. Thuwal Private Retreat is independent of those two destinations under the RSG umbrella and is a wholly RSG-owned brand. In a first for RSG, it says that there are no third-party hospitality or hotel operators involved in this development.

With RSG positioning The Red Sea and Amaala as regenerative tourism projects, it has outlined its sustainability initiatives for Thuwal too. The resort’s executive chef will prepare gourmet meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, working with food producers in the area wherever possible, as well as partnering with local artisans and restaurants.

Thuwal is the second new project announced under RSG’s portfolio, apart from the development of The Red Sea and Amaala. Earlier this month, RSG said that it was entrusted with refurbishment works at Al Wajh Airport (EJH). The development is focused on modernising the airport and upgrading the existing terminal and infrastructure, with RSG tasked with building a new international terminal.