All Nippon Airways (ANA) will start offering a new selection of wines in its lounges from September and on international flights from December.

In total, ANA and its sommeliers have selected 41 new wines from a selection of more than a thousand varieties, also including many Japanese wines.

“The process of curating our final collection of 41 new wines, designed for service both on the ground and in-flight, has involved extensive collaboration and meticulous research,” said Tomoji Ishii, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management and Planning at ANA. “We look forward to presenting these choices to our passengers to enhance their ANA experience.”

ANA’s sommelier panel included Olivier Poussier, who was recognised as world’s best sommelier in 2000, and Satoru Mori, an award-winning sommelier in numerous domestic and international competitions.

A review of ANA’s upcoming wine list shows that Krug will remain in the Champagne section in ANA international first class. The alternative will be Charles Heidsieck Blanc des blancs.

In international business class, ANA will serve Drappier 1er Cru brut, or Castelnau Champagne.

In the ANA SUITE lounges, the Champagne selection includes Cuvee Jean Baptiste Paul Dangin & Fils and/or Charles Collin Brut Classique.

No Champagne is available in the business lounges, although Lorimer Brut sparkling wine will be served.