Amsterdam Schiphol has expended its service enabling customers to pre-book time slots for their departure security checks.

The initiative was launched earlier this year for departures to Schengen destinations, and has now been extended to include non-Schengen routes.

The service is free of charge, with passengers able to reserve slots up to three days before departure on the Schiphol website or app.

They will then receive a confirmation email containing a QR code, which can be scanned at the airport by a member of staff, who will direct the customer to the correct security check entry point.

Time slots are open for 15 minutes, and travellers are advised to wait at Plaza area if they arrive early as it may not yet be active. Those that are late, however, may have to use the regular route for security.

Note that customers can book one time slot for a group, such as a family booking, so that they can go through the security check together.

The latest time slot a traveller can reserve for non-Schengen destinations is 90 minutes before departure, while for Schengen destinations it is 60 minutes.

The pre-booked slot applies only to the security check – customers must still ensure they leave enough time to complete any check-in or bag drop requirements.

Last month Royal Schiphol Group’s CEO Ruud Sondag admitted that the airport “came close to breaking point” last year.

There were widespread delays and cancellations following the surge in demand resulting from the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, with the airport being forced to introduce capacity caps and compensate affected passengers.

Schiphol subsequently employed PwC Strategy to produce a report on the issues and to make recommendations for improvement, with Sondag admitting that 2022 “was not a good year” for the airport.

Amsterdam Schiphol “came close to breaking point” last year