Sibling duo Adith and Ankita Fernandes have taken Mahim’s legendary seafood restaurant that their late father Francis Fernandes ran for 25 years and presented it with the same old-school hospitality and quality approach in an all-new location.

The 65-seater is a step into a time machine of the glorious years of the predecessor outpost that their father, founder Francis Fernandes ran for 25 years. The menu offers home-style North Kanara delicacies made from fresh produce procured at the fishing docks the very same day. At the entrance, the mascot pelican stands with a fish in-between its beak, a metaphor that only the freshest catch is used in the kitchen.

Coral pink walls mark the journey from the old outpost to the new setting in a seamless flow. Old doors, menu boards and memorabilia don the space, along with hand-painted pictures of Karwar and Honavar scenes, frames celebrating past memories and accolades are highlighted under the earthy cane lamps. Beverage glasses are embossed with fish, plates represent the sea and the logo celebrates their parents’ initials woven into a hook and bait. A personal reminder of how Fresh Catch was born. The staff that has been with Fresh Catch since inception are dressed in their beach print shirts and welcome smiles to offer guests a fulfilling experience.

Fresh Catch deploys private trawlers to catch and segregate the best catch to maintain the experience of preparing the best seafood experience. Raw herbs and condiments used to make curries and marination rubs from remote villages across the Konkan coast. Coconut-based Rossa Curry which pairs well with prawns, coriander and mint-based green Hara Bhara on pomfret and a sour and spicy ‘Ambotic’ curry made using red chillies and raw mangoes soaked in the flavours of big fish like Surmai, Bangda, Rawas and are some of the standout dishes. Every pan-seared fish fry gets a special rub of the Fernandes family’s secret masalas: a fiery red Rechado Masala and fragrant green hara bhara masala. Fresh Catch is one of the few restaurants that serves kanne (ladyfish), which is a rare find in all of Mumbai.

The new outpost is already dishing out its ever-popular deshelled version of crab meat drenched in a butter garlic sauce, as well as Chicken Vindaloo, Mutton Rossa Kadi and even a Bombay favourite Bombil Tawa Fry. Vegetarians have a feast waiting for them too. The Veg KingFish Fry is rava-fried brinjal slices in a spicy and tangy masala. Wallachi Amti Aamchi style is a green leafy vegetable in a coconut mild rossa kodi. Vindaloo and Xacuti replacing meat with assorted vegetables. To wash this all down, the Sol Kadi is mandatory. Coconut is pressed in order to ensure a thick, milky density. To end the meal on a sweet note, the 16-layered Indo-Portuguese cake Bebinca is brought in every week from specialised makers in Goa.