Frontier Airlines has welcomed its first A321 neo aircraft at an event in Tampa, Florida.

The low-cost carrier has a total of 158 A321 neo’s on order, which will be delivered between now and 2029.

The aircraft is powered by Pratt and Whitney’s GTF engines, and features Frederick the Bald Eagle animal on the aircraft’s tail in tribute to the manufacturer’s founder Frederick B Rentschler.

All Frontier aircraft feature an animal on their tail, many of them endangered and threatened species.

Barry Biffle, president and CEO, Frontier Airlines, commented:

“The addition of these new A321neo’s to our fleet will make the greenest airline in the US even greener with these aircraft able to achieve 120 miles per gallon per seat.

“They are the most fuel-efficient aircraft in operation among major US airlines and are capable of delivering immediate, tangible reductions in fuel consumption, carbon emissions and engine noise. Frontier continues to lead the way in reducing fuel consumption and lessening our environmental footprint and the addition of the A321neo to our fleet is another step in that journey.”

Jeff Knittel, chairman and CEO of Airbus Americas, added:

“Frontier has the largest A321 neo backlog in North America — a concrete example of their core focus on efficiency and the environment.

“With its lower fuel burn, emissions and noise footprint, the A321 neo will fly Frontier deep into the ‘green’ future, pleasing passengers while concentrating on sustainability, priorities we at Airbus admire and share.”

Frontier currently has a total of 226 Airbus aircraft on order, which will nearly triple its fleet size by the end of 2030.