Last October we reported that Lufthansa would take delivery of five B787-9s in 2022.

The first B787-9 would be named “Berlin.”

At the time Lufthansa gave the impression that these five B787s would be delivered from Boeing carrying the Lufthansa onboard product.

Today, Germany’s Aerotelegraph reported [DE] that these five B787s are to come from Hainan Airways.

Although ordered some time ago by this Chinese carrier it was later unable to accept delivery because of financial reasons.

These five B787s will be delivered over the coming weeks and are expected to operate from Frankfurt this winter. The remainder of the Lufthansa’s 20 or so B787 order will have Lufthansa’s onboard specification.

What sets the Hainan Airlines B787s apart is that their configuration features a 1-2-1 layout in business class which is roomier than the existing Lufthansa product.

Similar four-across business class seating was installed on the Philippine Airlines (PAL) A350s which Lufthansa operates from Munich – which we reported last April.

However, the Hainan Airlines business class seating adopts a reverse herringbone layout, unlike that of PAL’s A350s.

Although Lufthansa intends to offer 1-2-1 business class throughout its (existing) long-haul fleet this new seating will not be revealed until 2023.

As for the five B787s, it is understood Lufthansa will rework the seat coverings and wall panels.

Besides the 26 business class seats, there will be 21 seats in premium economy (2-3-2) plus 249 economy seats (3-3-3).

In 2021 we reported the first route for the B787s would be Frankfurt-Toronto. But changes are possible and no start date has been announced.