Offering a blend of culinary innovation and personalised service to build mindful and engaging gastronomic experiences, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar launches an exclusive Pop-up called “BarQat – Culinary Fables of Awadh” under the starlit skies of JW Cafe from February 21, 2022.

The beauty of this cuisine lies in the mixture of hand ground spices like Bhatti Ka Masala, Dried Mint Powder, Chef Asif Qureshi’s Special Garam Masala and meticulous preparation techniques like slow cooking, dum and chargrilling.

Hailing from Lucknow, the city famous for its manners and hospitality, intricate embroidery, beautiful gardens and dance forms such as Kathak, Chef Qureshi will take the experience a notch higher by showcasing the refinement, finesse and sophistication involved in the rich culinary lineage that has been delighting guests for years.

The menu features signature dishes such as Hamari Dal Makhani (Chef’s Special blend of 2 lentils cooked keeping in mind the local inheritance), GoshtKhusk Purdah( Hand Pounded Meat, Stuffed Leg of Lamb, Dum Gravy, Served With an edible Roti Curtain ), Bhatti Ka Kalmi( Chicken Legs Smoked With Awadhi Spices, Cooked In the Tandoor),Purvanchal Ka Saag( Mixture of 5 Greens Cooked Together Served With White Butter, Organic Jaggery),Sarson Broccoli(Broccoli Florets Marinated In Kasundi, Hung Yoghurt & Cream Cheese), ChoozaMakhani(Classic Chicken Cooked In the Tandoor Flavored With a Tomato and Fenugreek Gravy), Noor Mahal Biryani(Long Grain Basmati Rice Cooked Together With Cottage Cheese and Veggies Served In a Sealed Pot) amongst others. Round off the meal on a sweet note with Sevaiyon Ka Muzaffar( LacchaRabdi, Kashmiri Saffron, Mixed Nuts), Warm Dodha Barfi (Cardamom Ice Cream, Fennel & Black Pepper Tuille ).

“As a destination known for its unique culinary offerings and bespoke menus, we at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar are elated to present BarQat, a Nawabi experience that showcases the classical grandeur of Awadhi cuisine created by Chef Asif Qureshi. We look forward to welcoming guests for a royal journey through a bygone era that spells old world charm and luxury under the starlit skies at the Alfresco section of JW Cafe” says Mr Kunal Chauhan, General Manager, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar.