The start of the New Year comes with the challenge of following resolutions but this year the Bombay Sweet Shop has a solution for you. Bringing to you all the excitement of mithai but without the guilt, is Bombay Sweet Shop’s all-new Cheat Sweets collection.

Made using 100 per cent vegetarian ingredients and only natural sugars like dates, jaggery and coconut sugar. Available in a box of 9 Cheat Sweets so, you can sample taste the Coffee Milk Cake with jaggery and coconut sugar, Power Barfi loaded with jaggery, dates, cashews, almonds, pistachios and figs, and the Chocolate Khubani Peda.

With this collection, Bombay Sweet Shop has given their unique twist to traditional Indian mithai, yet again and this time without refined sugar. The Cheat Sweets collection is a guilt free sweet-tooth gratification from the classic to the contemporary. Here’s to you starting the year on a delightfully sweet and guilt-free note.