While this iconic gin brand needs no introduction in India, given the gin wave that is sweeping across India, it has recently started forging new partnerships and partnering with different initiatives to strengthen its brand presence. A case in point is Bombay Sapphire’s recent partnership with International Tiger Week held at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. The high-profile event brings together some of India’s top CEOs and industry leaders as well as wildlife experts to discuss and share potential ways forward for tiger conservation.

In keeping with Bombay Sapphire’s mission to support sustainable initiatives — and of course to partner with a curated event for luxury consumers — it was signed on as a co-host. As part of this initiative, tiger conservationists interact with key stakeholders in the form of lectures, conferences and safari drives in Ranthambore, where the tiger population is estimated at 65. Founder of International Tiger Week, Suneal Mangal says, “we are already in the second edition of this initiative and it is going to get bigger by the year. This is a great way to involve wildlife experts and luxury consumers to promote responsible tourism.”

So much so that Bombay Sapphire’s mixologists have come up with special tiger-inspired cocktails to complement the event. For the discerning consumers of this gin — as well as tiger conservation enthusiasts — this represents a brand immersion of sorts. bombaysapphire.com