BLADE  has announced the resumption of its scheduled by-the-seat services in Maharashtra. Due to the unprecedented rise in cases of Covid-19 during the second wave followed by the monsoon season, BLADE had only been flying charters and air-medical evacuation services. With the business and leisure travel industry slowly getting back on its feet, BLADE has resumed its daily by-the-seat operations five days a week starting the October 4; bookings are open.

BLADE is the only air carrier connecting Mumbai and Pune. The 40-minute journey greatly benefits travellers who would otherwise need six hours of road travel or four plus hours of airport procedures and flying. Prices for this route start at INR 12,500/- per person with complimentary pick-up and drop-off services, lounge access and benefits from brands such as Audi, BMW Excellence Club, Quorum and many more.

BLADE also flies to Aamby Valley from both Mumbai and Pune on Fridays and Mondays. People can make the most of their weekend with prices starting at INR 5000/- per person. Flights from Mumbai will take off daily from Juhu Aerodrome, except on Wednesdays, where they lift off from Mahalaxmi Racecourse. In Pune, the helicopters will land at BLADE vertiport in Yoo Villas, Kharadi and on the airstrip in Aamby Valley, five minutes by car to the Aamby Valley villas.

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