Air China is planning to operate 24 international routes between June 1 and July 1, the carrier said in a statement posted on its website.

China’s flag carrier has added two additional routes to its June schedule, compared to May. Its schedule shows that these are routes linking Beijing Capital with Madrid and Manila.

In March, the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) announced measures to limit the number of international flights coming in and out of China in order to curtail the rise of imported coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the country. The aviation regulator said Chinese airlines were only allowed to maintain one route to any specific country with no more than one flight week each.

The airline said it will fly the following routes in June:

North America 

  • Beijing Capital-Los Angeles
  • Beijing Capital-Vancouver


  • Beijing Capital-Paris
  • Beijing Capital-Copenhagen
  • Beijing Capital-Minsk
  • Beijing Capital-Madrid
  • Beijing Capital-Stockholm
  • Beijing Capital-Warsaw
  • Beijing Capital-Vienna
  • Beijing Capital-Moscow
  • Beijing Capital-Athens
  • Shanghai Pudong-Frankfurt
  • Shanghai Pudong-London Heathrow


  • Beijing Capital-Phnom Penh
  • Beijing Capital-Yangon
  • Beijing Capital-Delhi
  • Beijing Capital-Dubai
  • Beijing Capital-Islamabad-Karachi
  • Beijing Capital-Bangkok
  • Beijing Capital-Manila
  • Beijing Capital-Seoul
  • Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo-Narita
  • Chengdu-Kathmandu
  • Chengdu-Singapore

The carrier said in a statement on its website that passengers who have tickets for flights returning from Russia “need to provide documents to prove being tested negative for the novel coronavirus Covid-19 according to the requirements, otherwise they will not be able to board”.