What can you do when you need some peace and quiet to get work done in the airport but don’t have a pass to an airport lounge? Try popping into a Jabbrrbox.

According to the company a Jabbrrbox is an “acoustically sound,” phone-booth style private workstation equipped with a desk, power ports, wifi, Bluetooth, and USB charging ports.

Some units are also outfitted for screen sharing and video calls. “We saw the need for ‘space as a service,’” said company president and cofounder Jeremy Jennings. “That’s where Jabbrrbox comes in: for on-the-go calls or as an on-demand quiet workspace, Jabbrrbox is your space-away-from-office.”

The first airport-based Jabbrrboxes are now available at New York’s LaGuardia International Airport, where eight are installed in Terminal B.

The company says that other prime locations include hotel lobbies, trade shows, and other transit hubs — “any place with a high density of people to find a bit of privacy,” according to the company website.

Forbes reports that business travellers and other customers pay $15 per 30 minutes to use the Jabbrrbox. Users get a PIN code to unlock and access the unit during their paid time period.

The units are cleaned periodically, but not after every use. “Jabbrrbox is a community which to some degree relies on its members to clean up after themselves,” according to the company.

The interior of the Jabbrrbox measures 40.5 inches (102.8 cm) wide by 40.5 inches (102.8 cm) deep by 80 inches (203.2 cm) high and each unit is designed for a single user, although the manufacturer says up to two people can fit. The units have glass fronts that keep users visible to passersby, and the company warns against misbehaviour.

“If your mother wouldn’t approve it’s probably safe to say it is not allowed,” according to Jabbrrbox. “Not to be a party pooper, but we have a zero tolerance policy for any acts that are either illegal or inappropriate, and reserve the right to penalize and assess fees for any/all damages.”