Netjets has launched its independent subsidiary QS Partners in Europe. Partnering with Netjets’ company in Europe – known as Executive Jet Management Europe (EJM Europe) – the new partnership means that “NetJets now delivers a full 360-degree product lifecycle, from Charter and Jet Cards to Fractional Ownership, Whole Aircraft Management and now Aircraft Brokerage in Europe.” According to Seth Zlotkin, Managing Partner at QS Partners.

Seth Zlotkin commented “Even though we are a new company, we have the resources, the expertise, the capital strength, and the global presence of NetJets. Those four elements set QS Partners apart from almost every other broker dealer”.

QS Partners says that its brokerage allows it to take advantage of Netjets expertise and buying power to deliver the best results for customers looking to buy or sell a corporate jet, since “no other Business Aviation provider buys or divests of more aircraft than NetJets”. In addition, the two QS Partners co-founders Seth Zlotkin and John Odegard have a combined 25 years of aviation sales experience.

NetJets currently operates over 700 aircraft worldwide and is the only private aviation business to operate both its own and third party aircraft at such scale. The combined purchasing power of NetJets and EJM Europe cultivates unmatched economies of scale for Aircraft Owners on everything from jet fuel to aircraft parts, crew travel and training. Similarly, EJM Europe also has the largest network of global providers which are audited yearly, meaning clients never have to worry about finding the best services in a specific location, or not being able to operate due to a lack of funds on behalf of the operator.