Lufthansa flights will be affected by a strike tomorrow.

The pilot’s union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) called for strike action on 23 November 2016 from 00:01 to 23:59 (local times). A total of 876 flights out of Germany have been cancelled, including 51 intercontinental flights. The airline group estimates that about 100,000 travellers will be affected and is “apologizing in advance”.

A special flight schedule for the duration of the strike has been enabled online, and Lufthansa is asking all fliers to check this schedule before departing for the airport. Fliers who have contact details listed in their customer profiles will be notified of potential cancellations by text or email.

The group is offering passengers whose flights have been cancelled the one-time option to transfer or cancel their booking for free and allowing all passengers on group airlines Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS and Brussels Airlines the option to transfer their booking for free whether affected by the strike or not. Flights within Germany can also be exchanged for train vouchers.

Lufthansa said that the pilot’s union “is ignoring the option of a mediation and is thereby not taking care of its responsibility as a collective bargaining partner” in a statement released this morning.

Group airlines Eurowings, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti and Brussels Airlines remain unaffected by the strike, as does air traffic from the group’s Zurich, Brussels and Vienna hubs.

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