As reported by Bloomberg, the airline’s president Charamporn Jotikasthira confirmed that Thai Airways was drawing up a 10-year plan through 2027 that would see it purchase new aircraft to help cater for increased passenger growth.

In particular, the carrier is focused on adding new fuel-efficient aircraft that can help it control costs and compete aggressively on ticket pricing. With its growth stagnated during the past five years, Thai Airways is now playing catch-up to regional heavyweights such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

“Thai Airways has the capacity to compete with other leading carriers again,” said Charamporn who will leave his post next February to retire. “The worst is over [and the] carrier will be much more responsive to survive in the very tough airline industry.”

Thai Airways will take delivery of its first A350 aircraft next week – the first of 12 currently on order. Looking ahead, the carrier will also be looking to add another two B787s to its fleet, while offloading large and ageing, four-engine aircraft such as the A340 and B747.

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Clement Huang