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Alitalia announces premium economy offering

Published: 15/03/2010 - Filed under: News »

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Italy’s reinvigorated Alitalia is poised to upgrade its onboard offering, with the highlight being the adoption of a premium economy cabin which will be introduced in June.

Brief details of “Classica Plus”  (the brand name for Alitalia’s premium economy product) have appeared on the Italian flag-carrier’s website.

Classica Plus, as its name suggests, will be in line with the regular premium economy products of carriers like Virgin Atlantic or Qantas. It is not intended to be at the more comfortable end of the premium economy market now being pioneered by the likes of Japan’s ANA and Air New Zealand.

Classica Plus will make its appearance in a new fleet of twin-engined A330s entering Alitalia’s fleet this coming summer. Seating will be configured seven across (2-3-2) over a 21-seater cabin with a 120 degree angle of recline. Overall Classica Plus seats will offer 20 per cent more space than those of normal economy class. IFE will offer a choice of 45 films viewable on a 10-6 inch seatback screen.

The A330s are planned to enter service in July on the Milan Malpensa to Tokyo route. In August it’s expected A330s will arrive on routes linking Milan Malpensa with New York and Miami.

The launch of Classica Plus comes at a time when Alitalia has begun rebranding its other classes.

Besides Classic Plus there will be new names for economy class rebranded "Classica", short-haul business class “Ottima” and long-haul business class “Magnifica.” As at present, Alitalia will not offer first class.

It is not clear whether Alitalia’s new business class will feature fully flat beds or angled lie-flat seating. Further details of this and the other new products will be published here as soon as they are available.

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Report by Alex McWhirter

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roma_nyc - 15/03/2010 16:21

Yes Alitalia will offer fully flat beds on its new A330: - 22/03/2010 14:38

It will be interesting to see how they price the new Classica Plus. Seems like with growing offerings of Premium Economy on SkyTeam members like Alitalia and Air France, alliance members might defect from Delta on the affected routes. (After a recent flight to Barcelona on a DL 767, I'd even be willing to connect in Paris, Milan or wherever to other destinations in Europe if Premium Econ is available.)


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