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    BAA are erecting yet another tent as an Olympic Terminal to try and ease congestion at LHR. Again being LHR they will then bus everyone as there will be no planes at the tent terminal.
    I would like to know from any posters with knowledge, who is paying for this, are they filling the tent with shops like everywhere else and what is the likelihood of delays with plane loadings being managed from two locations?



    Why will Heathrow be busier during the Olympics?

    Are there more landing slots being squeezed in as I thought Heathrow was already at capacity.

    Why is there a need to erect a “tent” or is it just creating more retail space .

    I know London is going to busy, but how much busier can Heathrow actually get?



    There are likely to be higher numbers of passengers, as many flights will be sold out.

    But I think the issue will be will outsize baggage, guns and other paraphernalia.

    Not to mention the special needs of those competing in the Paralympics late August/early September.



    Allied to this, much was made of the Stratford HS1 station being anreason for the Olympics being in this area. I wonder what percentage of Europian athletes will come by train and whether any special services from destinations other than Brussels and Paris will be run? Anyone know? Like Martyn I cannot see where the extra capacity at LHR will
    Come from. I suppose it is unfortunate they demolished 1 of the 3 central terminals When they did… Earlier or later would have worked better. But then with existing runways…/



    The outsize bags makes sense. I have also read some bags will be checked at the Olympic Village. After the T5 baggage issue on opening, is introducing a new temporary system the best idea rather than uaing the exisitng facilities where the bugs have been worked out? I do hope thay come up with a dignified solution for security when dealing with large number for the paralympics. Disabled people do not always get the most sensitive of treatment particularly those with metal implants.



    It will be interesting to see staffing level/servicing levels at Heathrow.

    Higher passenger numbers is no excuse for the airport to come to a standstill or for delays. Delays will only occur if the passenger flows from aircraft to exit are slowed.

    The number of aircraft movements shouldnt increase (unless Paul Daniels and co have created more slots). Getting pax from aircraft seat to out of the airport needs to be slick.

    Immigration desks need to be manned, bagage handlers need to be fast, equipment needs to be working, security personel need to concentrate on pax and not the flavour of their chewing gum or checking text messages and taxi’s / transport needs to flow in and out of the airport.

    At least there is no chance of snow closing the airport………………………..????



    VK, for your information there is a world of a difference between the Paralympics (which follow the Olympics in London on August) and which are for athletes with physical disabilities and the Special Olympics (http://www.specialolympics.org/) which are for atheletes with intellectual disabilities. It is unfair on either group to assume that they are one and the same.



    A few high level facts:
    – BAA are paying for the building, which is on an old BA staff car park on the southern side of the airport.
    – It will be used to check passengers (accredited individuals who may be athletes, support staff, officials, members of various International Federations, etc.)
    – Passengers will be bussed to their gates
    – Baggage will be checked in from within the secure zone inside the Athlete’s Village or at the temporary terminal

    Basically, what the building is doing is funnelling the people coming from the various Athlete’s Villages and other accredited places into one spot, allowing the rest of the public to go about their business as normal

    I’d imagine some luggage will take longer to load, but that’s something for the various airlines and their ground handlers to be mindful of.

    In terms of extra capacity – I’d imagine a lot of ‘specials’ going to STN (espeically diplomatic/Heads of Government/State flights), LTN & LGW, with fewer at LHR.



    Of course the VIPs will all bring their jets into the smaller airports but LHR will cater for most due to the fact that lots of support staff (unsung heroes in their thousands) will be flying in biz with BA, etc.




    Thanks TdC searched and nothing came up.



    Whilst the cost is being administered by BAA, they are not paying for it at all. The cost has been equitably distributed between all the carriers operating at LHR, which isn’t equitable at all given that only about 10% of the airlines will actually see any benefit at all from the facilities.



    On the contrary Pinot_Noir – if this temp terminal is designed to minimise the impact of the Olympics/Paralympics pax on the regular flow of pax through the permanent terminals by segregating them, then surely all airlines will benefit.



    Surely that depends on the traffic? I am unclear crom the posts whether airlines were charged by number of flights, number of PAX, whether they are the official Airline for their country olympic team or just by being at LHR. It would be undair for BA to pay around 50% as most UK athletes are in UK. Equally Russia or US normally have big teams so their official
    Airline should pay more than say Air Malta.

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