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1 Mar 2024 by BusinessTraveller

People dream of living in ideal environments with clean air, stunning landscapes, convenient amenities, accessible schools and hospitals, and vibrant, respectful communities.

Finding a city that seamlessly integrates all these elements can be challenging, but renowned real estate developer Vinhomes in Vietnam has envisioned and brought to life such a project.

Ocean City is a new kind of city specifically designed to address these needs and foster a highly liveable space.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

Private cities, also known as corporate cities around the world, have emerged as a trend in 21st-century urban development. These mixed-use communities, where residents live, work, and play, are often managed by private companies.

Aiming to create a happier lifestyle, Vinhomes, Vietnam’s leading real estate developer, has developed a mega residential complex in the heart of the country’s capital. This 1,200-hectare project, divided into three fully serviced districts, caters to residents’ needs.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

Vinhomes recognises the increasing demand for wellbeing in bustling cities, and seamlessly integrates holistic wellness into its offerings.

Located just 20 minutes from the city centre, Ocean City promises an escape from urban life by blending modern conveniences with natural spaces and entertainment options.

The project positions itself as a haven for those seeking a healthier and happier life, particularly in times of uncertainty.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

Ocean City is proud to be one of the rare private cities in the world to have artificial white sand saltwater lakes right in the heart of the city. The city’s villas are located among the whispering coconut trees, offering views of the beautiful landscape.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

Placing lakes in the heart of the city showcases Ocean City’s effort to become the most liveable place on Earth.

Featuring the world’s largest artificial saltwater lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, and the freshwater Pearl Lake with pristine white sand beaches, along with the world’s largest artificial wave-making saltwater lagoon complex, VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park – Ocean City aspires to become a premier destination for global citizens.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

In Ocean City, low-density buildings coexist with over 1.5 million sqm (square metres) of green space, offering each resident an average of 2-4 sqm of fresh air.

Lush parks unfurl alongside sports fields, inviting residents to embrace open-air pursuits, while sparkling pools and diverse playgrounds beckon both youngsters and adults.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

Beyond idyllic beaches and serene landscapes, Ocean City features vibrant community life tailored for modern living. Residents enjoy access to world-class amenities like the sprawling Vincom Mega Mall, with the Vinmec International Hospital set to join soon.

From nurturing young minds in kindergartens, schools, and a university to catering to residents’ everyday needs, Ocean City fosters a dynamic and fulfilling environment.  

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

Ocean City doesn’t just build, it brings the best of the world together. Classic European facades line streets, where Italian-style gondolas glide beneath Venetian bridges.

Across the 830-metre man-made miniature Venice River, K-Town showcases the charm of the East with traditional Korean houses. In Ocean City, the whispers of East and West converge, weaving a tapestry of unique experiences unlike any other.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

More than just a holiday destination, Ocean City offers residents and visitors an immersive blend of experiences. Grand World Hanoi, a haven for limitless shopping, awaits those seeking retail therapy.

Meanwhile, the awe-inspiring 50-metre Statue of the God of Light stands tall, representing a beacon of hope reaching towards the sky and inspiring all who gaze upon it.  

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

This image captures the essence of Ocean City – a perfect blend of nature’s serenity and urban life. Escape urban chaos and find your haven of tranquility. Relax and recharge steps away from your door, with access to plenty of leisure and entertainment facilities.

And there’s more! Ocean City doesn’t compromise on convenience. All the essential amenities are within easy reach, ensuring a seamless modern lifestyle.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)

For families seeking an ideal upbringing, Ocean City shines as a beacon of opportunity. Envision a community that cultivates wellbeing while also offering easy access to enriching experiences. It’s envisioned as the perfect environment to nurture the physical, mental, and intellectual health of your children.

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